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Expert Adult Social Media Marketing for the Global Adult Industry since 2017

Why Bother With Social Media?

No More Stressful Branding.

Adult Social Media Marketing

Empowering Adult Businesses and Entertainers since 2017

We take the stress out of end-to-end social media marketing for Adult Businesses, Porn Stars, Brothels and Sex Workers around the world - our Adult Social Media Marketing experts understand the importance of building relationships and being active in the digitally connected world.

We Analyse Your Social Presence

You've recognised the importance of working with experts who understand Social Media for the Adult Industry and we can't wait to work with you. Our Adult Social Media team will analyse your social presence as well as investigate the strength and performance of your competition. We then crunch the numbers and create a bespoke Social and Digital Marketing Strategy to maximise leads and sales with Twitter and Instagram.

Every strategy we implement has been tried and tested across social media channels and platforms that are active supporters of the Global Adult Industry (so you won't find us suggesting paid advertising on Facebook, because they aren't too keen on the idea of sex selling on their platform - sorry!).

We Build Your Social Empire and Community

Keeping on top of your social media marketing is time-consuming especially if you are barely making it through your day-to-day operations; our dedicated Adult Social Media Experts get to work immediately creating ads, content and curating posts every day to maximise traffic to your website to boost sales. You can rely on us just like our 389 social media clients around the world who are getting results right now!

Sweet Release takes the stress out of managing social media for me and creates content that drives new subscribers and sales!

Luna Corazon

International Porn Star (Brazil)



Stand Out Long-Term.

Social Development

​So... while we continue to work on your social media content, tweaking to make things work better (and twerking to the successes we create for you in the office), you can sit back and enjoy the orgasmic success we have moistened your business and brand with and see your reach grow with increased brand awareness in the digital space.

Whatever that means for you - more customers, more subscribers, more fans, more exposure.

We want to stick around to see the gains from your new social media campaigns, continue to monitor the logistics so you continue to grow!

Case Study

Club 8 is a boutique brothel in Melbourne, Australia.

After being 'dicked' around by a former IT company which resulted in a plateau in online traffic; next to no search engine results for key-phrases as simple as 'Brothel in Melbourne' and absolutely no social media presence; Club 8 Melbourne wanted to increase their brand awareness, boost website traffic so that the escorts they invited to work at their establishment got work - and not just sit around waiting.

Sweet Release stepped in and in just 35 days achieved the following results:


Increase in

Organic Traffic


Increase in

Social Traffic

4 in 5


Trust Rating

Club 8 Melbourne was so impressed with the results that they continued a 6 Month Full-Service Marketing contract with Sweet Release and now we also manage their Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Publicity.


Sweet Release worked with my existing budget and turned my business around in 2 weeks!

Joe, Brothel Owner

Club 8 Melbourne, Australia

Why Is Social Media

Great For Adult Businesses?

Empowering Adult Businesses and Entertainers since 2017

Unlike traditional media, social media is an incredibly cost-effective channel, it’s also measurable. With social media marketing you can measure the results from every ad that’s in-market, from the demographics of the people engaging, to which ads are converting. This means you can measure success and ensure your marketing dollars are being well spent.

At Sweet Release, our entire team lives and breathes the Adult Industry because we have assembled a team of the brightest and geekiest Industry Peers that deliver orgasmic results for Adult Businesses and Adult Entertainers with Adult Social Media Marketing.

Our clients love working with us because we offer personalised services, by keeping our client intake to a minimum, we give your campaign our full and undivided attention. This means we dedicate our time to keeping your Adult brand active in social media.

What You're Going To Get

Adult Social Media Packages

Inclusions vary contract to contract based on duration

Social Media Account Setup + Content Creation + Content Schedule

We will consult with you on your social media marketing goals and business goals, so we can link the two together and ensure that we choose the right Social Media for you. Then, we will go ahead and create custom Social Media content for your Twitter and/or Instagram, curate the times that they go out and keep on top of your schedule.

Community Building and Response Management

Being active on social media is important, so you can trust that our Adult Social Media Marketing experts will be focused on building your followers and fan base, proactively promoting special offers directly to your most engaged followers and responding to messages so you are always engaged with your audience.

24/7 Access To Your Marketing Consultant

You will have dedicated 1-to-1 access to your Marketing Consultant who will help you manage your account and keep you up to date on all the campaigns we have planned for your social media marketing. You will also have 24/7 access to our content library where you can upload photos, videos and anything you want us to work on for you!

Bi-Monthly Strategy Calls

Twice per month (unless you want to talk to us more) you will have a strategy call with our marketing team to discuss your goals and results from the social media campaigns we are running for you. We will even discuss our ideas to make things better and work with you to redefine your goals to help your business achieve orgasmic results!