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Attention Adult Businesses and Entertainers

is marketing & finding new customers a constant struggle ?


If you want to reach climax with your adult business or adult entertainment career, one thing’s for sure, you MUST be a vivacious and cutting-edge adult industry marketing geek ( me). From over a decade in the adult industry, I can tell you that aside from knowing how to last hours in the bedroom as a sex worker, marketing and public relations have been the most important skills to grow not only my career and my business, but also that of my clients around the world.


After all, if you don’t know how to attract and seduce customers and clients, your business will die. But if you know how to bring customers to you then you can make millions.

The problem I have found however, is that many adult businesses and adult entertainers do not know how to market themselves properly, their products or their services. As a result, they struggle trying to reach the right audience in the right places, spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on mainstream agencies that do not understand nor are they comfortable working with the the adult industry and thousands of dollars advertising without knowing if it is working.

The people who stop being a submissive B%&^! to marketing and business expertise and take the time to learn, dominate and take control of their communication strategies fast become the leaders in their entertainment careers and adult businesses worldwide.

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