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Confidential, Sex-Positive, Tax and Business Support Services.

 Non-Judgement Supportive Tax Service

 Stigma-Free Accounting for the Adult Industry

 Adult Industry Only Accountants

 Affordable and Discreet

We are proud to partner with the best financial services and adult industry accountants worldwide dedicated to helping you stay on top of your finances and out of trouble with the 'tax man'.

Adult Industry Accounting.

Adult Industry Accounting Sweet Release Agency

Stress-Free Financial Support and Tax Management services for adult businesses and adult entertainers anywhere in the world.

Not everyone is good with money, that is where we come in.


We are sex-positive financial services and business consultancy experts providing adult businesses and adult entertainers stigma-free and judgement-free money management services to help them thrive in the global adult industry.

Over 20+ years experience meeting the needs of thriving adult business owners and adult entertainers who are looking to outsource the timely process of managing their financial liabilities to stay out of trouble with the 'tax-man'.

Adult Industry Accounting Sweet Release Agency
Adult Industry Accounting Sweet Release Agency

Our Adult Industry Accounting Services

At Sweet Release we provide a judgement free service, so we can focus on the professional aspects of your career in the adult entertainment industry. We offer industry savvy, personal and business finance planning and advice, accounting services, tax preparation and filing. Professionals of all levels in this industry can alas get access to tailored professional support with ease.

Business Development and Growth Consulting.

At Sweet Release we have access to our award-winning team of web designers, copywriters and photographers who understand your needs as an adult service provider (escort, dancer, masseuse) and all aspects of adult businesses.

We can help you with:

  • Business Registration (including Tax ID Applications)

  • Virtual Address & Telephone Registrations

  • Website Design and Development

  • Digital Marketing & Advertising

  • Business Finance Applications

  • Business Planning Advice

  • Business Strategy Marketing

  • Business Consultancy

You can book a FREE Consultation Call with one of our adult industry marketing experts, click here now to book

Financial Planning, Tax Prep and Accounting.

Need help managing your finances? You're not alone.

We can help you manage part of your finances or you can have us look after all aspects of your accounting for you. We can prepare and file your taxes or assist you with doing this yourself.

We can help you with:

  • Tax Returns

  • BAS Statements

  • Bookkeeping Services

  • Insurance and Mortgage Brokers

  • Short-Term Loans for Business Purposes

  • Identity Suppression (e.g. Business Applications)

  • Self-Managed Superannuation Funds

  • Personal Financial Security

  • Income Verification

  • Financial Advocacy

Are you ready? experience your financial fantasy speak with our accountants today