*note: $3800/month is based on successful referring of 10 businesses to Sweet Release. The referral bonus per business is $380/month.




When you sign-up as an official partner of Sweet Release you will be provided with your own link you can use to promote our services.

When someone completes the form on your link and opts in for our services you will be paid commission of up to $380/month (AUD) for the duration of the contract your referred contact signs for.

Some of our partners are earning $22,800 per year because they referred 5 new clients to us who signed up on a 12 month contract with our agency.

How often do commissions get paid?

We pay commission by PayPal on a monthly basis in AUD dollars, as long as the total commission balance in your account is greater than $300.00 AUD.

Where should I place ads?

Try to place the banner ad or referral links in areas where you have a good number of visitors. Remember the better the placement, the more commission you earn.

Can I monitor my commissions?

Yes, simply contact your designated Partnership Manager and they will provide you status updates and reports for your partner link, sales generated and pay-out dates.

Am I paid commissions on return customers?

Yes, we have 60 day tracking system that tracks where the customer was originally generated. If this customer returns and buys any more products or services you will be paid.



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