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Insider: AstroGlide Australia

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Mark Skipper, Chairman of AstroGlide and Ann Williams, Distributions Manager Australia for AstroGlideAustralia about how they got involved with the Adult Industry and their worldwide popular lubricant products. We also ask for their industry insight to help other Adult Retailers achieve their goals.

"AstroGlide was first invented named and patented by NASA Aerospace Chemist Dan Wray, while working on the NASA Space Shuttle Program in 1977.. it's extremely dry in space, so a personal lube is good to have on hand" says Mark Skipper, Chairman,

AstroGlide Australia was established in 2008 providing a diverse array of lubricant products including Water Based Lubricant, Silicon Based Lubricant, Organic Oil Based Products; all available in liquids or gels to cater for both Men and Women.

AstroGlide Personal Lubricant - Factory
AstroGlide Personal Lubricant - Factory

"The key to personal lubricant is quality ingredients, slickness if it is drying out, turning white or string forms - you are not using a premium lubricant" says Ann Williams, Distribution Manager of AstroGlide Australia

After 27 Years in the IT Industry, Ann Williams was pondering retirement but was approached by AstroGlide to bring the product to Australia and within a couple of weeks the business was setup, inventory was arriving and now eleven (11) years down the track as of 2019; AstroGlide is in 2,500 stores across Australia and is growing in popularity is the #1 Lubricant product for men and women nation wide.

"When I understood the issues women have with dryness and menopause, I realised that AstroGlide would be a perfect product to solve these problems. Today the product is used by the Royal Flying Doctor service for Pap Smear Tests and Colonoscopy procedures - as the lubricant does not have ingredients that will compromise these test results or fog up the camera" says Ann Williams, Distribution Manager of AstroGlide Australia

Mark Skipper, Chairman of AstroGlide and former chairman of the Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia, boasts extensive experience as a Managing Director throughout the Asia Pacific as a fellow of Australian Institute of Company Directors and CPL experienced across Retail, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Logistics, Adult Industry and Risk Management; we asked Mark for his opinions on the Adult Industry and where he sees the industry heading:

"I think customers want a superior experience, so we are seeing that the fastest growing stores are the ones that look like boutiques and have a higher quality range. I believe the industry will continue to grow, people like sex, they like reality TV shows that have a sex theme, they are experimenting more today with new taboos then they ever have before, which opens up the adult retail space for new and exciting products says Mark Skipper, Chairman of AstroGlide

AstroGlide Australia
AstroGlide Australia Personal Lubricant

AstroGlide Australia understands three fundamental aspects that businesses in the Adult Industry need to succeed and Ann Williams says that is "Hard Work, Excellent Customer Service and Premium Products that develop a good reputation and repeat customer purchases (or even better, word of mouth that has a domino effect). Our Customers are our best marketing resource. Word of mouth between consumers, Doctors, Clinics is just pure gold and magic for our AstroGlide distributions across Australia. We have an excellent product raring on retail websites who stock AstroGlide as well as directly from customers who source lubricants from our site".
#1 Personal Lubricant In Australia,

Working 7 Days a week and shipping orders 7 days a week; AstroGlide Australia is regularly informed as to what customers love about the products, overwhelmed with the quality of customer service and speed of delivery every time. Committed to equal access of their product range, AstroGlide Australia supports disabled communities who want to be sexually active; providing their personal lubricant products to several disability events every year.

We asked Ann Williams if there are any exciting products coming soon to AstroGlide Australia, here's what she had to say:

"We have an organic range coming out later this year (2019), the product will feature organic ingredients, water based and high quality. This has taken AstroGlide 3 years to develop and to bring it up to the same quality level as our other lubricant products. To day, our biggest selling products are AstroGlide Original, AstroGlide Natural and AstroGlide Gel. On a price performance basis, nothing available on the shelves and in stores - comes close to AstroGlide".


People try this product, like it and buy it. If you are an Adult Retailer request your FREE Sample today by visiting the website:



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