COVID-19 PANDEMIC: Important Announcement from CEO

Dear Australian Adult Industry,

We are in unprecedented times and COVID-19 is destroying the Australian Adult Industry one business at a time and the Government has not provided clear guidance.

We have received 631enquiries from Adult Businesses and Adult Entertainers across the country (Australia) asking about the uncertainty of the Australian Adult Industry.

As a matter of the urgency we have already contacted the Australian Government, the Prime Minister of Australia and the Premiers of each State nationwide for comment; including Health Authorities to provide clear, transparent guidance.

Sweet Release is not an Association, but we are in a position on a global scale to create noise and ask questions of the Australian Government as an Authority in the Australian and Global Adult Entertainment Business Industry with ties to the Global Adult Industry Association.

Help us help you by completing our online survey so we may present your concerns to the Government:


On behalf of the Australian Adult Industry and the entire team at Sweet Release Agency, we wish you and your family safety, health and prosperity during this challenging and confronting time in the world. If we can be of any support please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your support.