COVID-19 PANDEMIC: Extended Restrictions To Australian Adult Industry

Dear Australian Adult Industry,

Following correspondence with the Australian Government, Premiers and directly with the Prime Minister; as of the 9:00pm, Tuesday 24th March 2020 News Report LIVE from Parliament House:

Personal Services, Adult Entertainment Venues, Adult Service Providers and Establishments where Personal Services take place are to IMMEDIATELY STOP TRADE from Midnight Wednesday 25th March 2020 across the nation - based on the decisions of the Australian Government and PM Scott Morrison.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: if you are not the permanent resident of the house you are visiting and on the lease, you are to IMMEDIATELY STOP TRADE this includes: escorts, dancers, adult entertainment agencies, strippers, adult performers, erotic massage services and personal services of an adult entertainment nature.

We received 631enquiries from Adult Businesses and Adult Entertainers across the country (Australia) since 20th March 2020 asking about uncertainty of the Australian Adult Industry.

As a matter of the urgency we contacted the Australian Government, the Prime Minister of Australia and the Premiers of each State nationwide for comment; including Health Authorities to provide clear, transparent guidance on Monday 23rd March 2020 due to the ambiguity of their statements regarding "Social Distancing" and the way in which the adult industry can access "benefits for businesses" and "NewStart" for those who have lost their employment.

The Adult Businesses and Adult Entertainers affected by these measures are:

  • Brothels

  • Escorts

  • Independent Adult Service Providers

  • Massage Parlours

  • Erotic Massage Providers

  • Adult Entertainers

  • Adult Entertainment Agencies

  • Adult Entertainment Businesses

  • Adult Entertainment Venues

Sweet Release Agency has contacted over 2000 clients who identify with the sectors above to ensure that they are advised of these new measures imposed by the Australian Government as well as imposed by their local governments around the world as it applies to them.

Clients of Sweet Release Agency in Australia impacted by the COVID-19 laws have been contacted to provide temporary suspensions to avoid unnecessary services being provided that will not see a financial return on investment during these unprecedented times impacting our industry.

These are difficult times, scary times and it is very confronting for our industry, I am pleased that we were able to submit to the Australian Government, the questions and concerns of the Adult Industry in Australia which was received the morning of Tuesday 24th March. As a matter of health, safety and personal well-being and to avoid unnecessary harm to ourselves as an adult industry and the people who engage our services, while a very hard moment in our careers; we must stop the impact of spread of COVID-19. It is very important the industry understands that this is a measure of short term loss for long term gain. Imagine if our industry was accused and misrepresented by the media for spreading COVID-19 and killing people in our industry, as well as the people who use our industry services and businesses. We will be more despised and misrepresented then we already are now by the media, this is our chance to save our industry and earn the respect of the country during this time of global crisis, so we come back stronger than ever before, says Jett Black, CEO of Sweet Release, X Awards Australia and Australian Adult Industry Ambassador of the Adult Industry Association.

Sweet Release is not an Association, but our position on a global scale to create noise and ask questions of the Australian Government as an Authority in the Australian and Global Adult Entertainment Business Industry with ties to the Global Adult Industry Association - has been heard and will continue to be heard as we continue to present questions to the Australian Government from members of the Australian Adult Entertainment Business Industry.

If you have further questions, concerns or urgencies you want presented to the Australian Government, please complete our online survey now:


Is your Adult Entertainment or Adult Business Career in Australia affected by COVID-19? We strongly advise that you make contact with CentreLink and commence your intention to claim NewStart for financial assistance.

On behalf of the Australian Adult Industry and the entire team at Sweet Release Agency, we wish you and your family safety, health and prosperity during this challenging and confronting time in the world. If we can be of any support please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your support.