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How To Get A Job In The Adult Film Industry Anywhere In The World

How To Get A Job In The Adult Film Industry Anywhere In The World

Are you interested in a career in Adult Film? Unsure how to get started or how to audition? Dream of being a worldwide name as an international Porn Star?

If you answered YES... be prepared for one of the most competitive but one of the highest paid jobs in the Adult Industry; as the Porn Industry brings in billions of dollars every year.

We get asked every day via email and voicemails left on our switchboard, "How can I get into the adult industry?" so we felt it was about time we answered this question in a blog answering the most common questions (so if you leave a voicemail or call us about this question, we are going to send you the link to this blog moving forward!).

1. Understand The Industry Inside-and-Out.

Getting a job in the adult industry as an Adult Film Performer is more difficult than you think and while it can be proven to be one of the highest paying jobs in the adult industry, it takes some performers years to get the fame they originally sought when they started.

A couple of points to remember:

  • You are not having sex for fun. You are having sex because it is your job.

  • Intimacy and Spontaneity do not exist. You are being directed.

  • Keeping a relationship when you are an adult film performer is VERY HARD.

  • Once you are in the public, it will be hard to keep your career a secret.

  • Be prepared for people you know to judge you differently, when they find out.

  • The money you earn will vary studio to studio. average $800 per film.

It is also very important to always understand that what you get paid will vary based on what you are doing in every scene, no single studio will pay you the same as another studio and the more kinky and risky the film shoot, the more you will be paid.

You will also want to know where the adult film is being filmed and produced. Every country, especially in the United States is heavily regulated - so to avoid getting into trouble, you will want to make sure you know where the legal cities, countries and states are before agreeing to a project to avoid getting fined or worse land yourself in jail for a couple years.

Every Year more and more people are trying to get into the Adult Film Industry, it is extremely competitive and you need to make sure you stand out from the rest of the world applying. Remember, that only a handful of thousands upon thousands of people become 'stars'.

#2. Your First Audition.

When applying for an audition or a casting call for adult film producers or directors, studios around the world or agencies who look for new talent for Adult projects, you want to make sure you have the following as a minimum:

  • A Variety of High-Quality Photographs (Nude and Clothed, Full Body Poses)

  • A Couple of Professional Headshots

  • Regular STD and HIV Health Checks Results (Checks conducted every 30 days)

  • Understand and know what you are willing to do and what you will not do on camera

  • Never use your real name. Always consider using your stage name

Be prepared to accept amateur porn projects first, to build your name in the industry and develop what producers and studios will refer to as your showreel. They want to see you are capable of being on camera, taking direction and have the star quality that they particularly look for.

Once you have everything above ready it is time to start looking for opportunities. There are many forums and websites where you will be able to upload your portfolio and express your interest in casting opportunities. NEVER PUBLISH YOUR CONTACT DETAILS PUBLIC ONLINE.

Only give your contact details, photographs and video showreels to producers who express interest in working with you. We recommend contacting porn studios in your area and simply using Google can help point you in the right direction of a variety of studios that you could ask about opportunities.

When you have secured your first audition, we highly recommend the following for your own peace of mind, safety and personal assurance:

  • Always take someone with you that you trust to avoid scams

  • Expect to be on camera, it is very rare that only photos will be taken

  • Be ready for the audition (hair, makeup etc.)

  • Consider publishing your own videos and post them to a popular porn site

#3. Grow Your Adult Film Career

Now that you have done your first audition and started creating your own or being part of professional studio adult film projects, you need to focus on keeping your career alive.

Here is some of our most important advice:

  • Sign up with talent agencies that focus on Adult Film Performers.

  • Strongly think about your own Porn Star name, so you stand out and are unique.

  • Always be polite and professional when on set.

  • Stay hygienic and always be camera ready (hair, makeup, attire, teeth, deodorant).

One of the biggest issues we are told about by Adult Film Performers is producers and studios that pressure them into signing a release form before they are paid. NEVER SIGN BEFORE YOU ARE PAID. This will anger some producers and studios however, it will ensure you are not scammed.


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