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Terms and Conditions

revised: 8th August 2021

Terms and Conditions 

These terms and conditions (“Terms”), together with the Sweet Release Service Specifications constitute a legally binding agreement between you (the Client) and Sweet Release Agency (ABN 74 539 906 219) of Level 1, 1 Queens Road South Melbourne, VIC, Australia (“Sweet Release”), for the provision of website optimisation services, website production and online advertising services and/or other services set out in your Sweet Release Service Specifications (the “Services”) effective from the date the last party signs the Sweet Release Services Specifications OR starts using the Services.

We may choose to update these Terms and Conditions in the future. 


By using Sweet Release' Services, the Client agrees to comply with the latest Terms and Conditions applicable at that time. When we change or update these Terms and Conditions, we will provide [30] days prior notice before those changes or updates commence. 


Sweet Release may choose to not exercise or enforce any right or provision of the Terms and Conditions; in doing so, we are not waiving that right or provision. Terms contain a limitation of Sweet Release liability.



The following definitions apply to this agreement (unless the context otherwise requires):

‘Agreement’ means these Terms, the Sweet Release Service Specifications and any documents, schedules or annexures referenced or incorporated into this agreement as amended from time to time;

‘Australian Consumer Law’ means the consumer protections set out in Schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) as amended from time to time;

‘Background IPR’ means a party’s IPR that existed prior to, or created independently of, this Agreement.

‘Sweet Release Services Specifications’ means the document titled the “Sweet Release Services Specifications” incorporating these Terms, that sets out the Services, Fees and Special Conditions and/or other details of the Client’s engagement with Sweet Release, as agreed in writing by the Client and approved by Sweet Release.

‘Cancellation Fee’ means the cancellation fee specified in the Fee Schedule;

‘Client Content’ means all text, data, graphics files, videos and sound files, and other materials contained in the website or as otherwise owned or created by the Client in whatever form that information may exist and whether entered into, stored in, generated by or processed through software or equipment by or on behalf of the Client.

‘Commencement Date’ means the date the Services are to commence as specified in the Sweet Release Services Specifications.

‘Completion Date’ means the date the Services will cease as specified in the Sweet Release Services Specifications;


‘Confidential Information’ means and includes any information that by its nature is confidential, is designated by a party as confidential, or the recipient knows or ought to know is confidential but does not include information which:

(a) is or becomes public knowledge other than by breach of this Agreement;

(b) is required to be disclosed by law;

(c) was known by the recipient as at the date of this Agreement;

(d) has been independently developed or acquired by the recipient without reference to the disclosing party’s Confidential Information; or

(e) is Data collected, stored, used and retained by Sweet Release in accordance with clause 2.3, where the burden of establishing any of the exceptions referred to in (a) to (e) will be upon the recipient;

‘Data’ has the meaning given in clause 2.2.

‘Debit Date’ means the date that the Clients account will be debited for the payment of the Fee as agreed;

‘Failed Payment Fee’ means the reversal fee specified in the Fee Schedule;

‘Fee’ means the money payable to Sweet Release for the Services and any incidental costs as set out in Sweet Release Services Specifications.

‘Intellectual Property Rights’ or ‘IPR’ means all statutory and other proprietary rights in respect of copyright and neighbouring rights (including but not limited to rights in relation to software), all rights in relation to inventions (including registered and not yet registered patent rights), registered and unregistered trademarks, designs, the right to have Confidential Information (including trade secrets and know-how) kept confidential, and all other rights resulting from intellectual activity in the industrial, scientific, literary or artistic fields;

‘Material’ means information, documents, equipment, software, goods, computer files, designs, transferable knowhow and data, stored by any means, whether or not in material form, and includes any Intellectual Property Rights in such Material.

‘Minimum Term’ means the term of 6, 12, or 24 months or such other term as agreed with the Client and specified in the Sweet Release Services Specifications;

‘Services’ means the services described in Schedule 1;

‘Services Material’ means any Material that is created during the performance of the Services but does not include the Client Content;

‘Special Conditions’ means the special conditions set out in the Sweet Release Services Specifications (if any);

‘Transfer Fee’ means the transfer fee set out in the Fee Schedule.

‘Uptime SLA’ means the uptime service level agreement for websites which Sweet Release hosts.


1. Term and extension

1.1 This Agreement will commence on the Commencement Date and continue until the Completion date (the ‘Term”) unless terminated earlier in accordance with clause 24.

1.2 The parties agree that the Agreement will run for the Minimum Term in order to maximise the results and benefits of the Services. Should the Client wish to terminate the Services during the Minimum Term, it can do so in accordance with clause 24.1 noting however that Sweet Release reserves the right to charge a Cancellation Fee (or part thereof) in its absolute discretion.

1.3 The parties may choose to extend the Term for a further 12 months or as agreed by the Parties in writing. In absence of any further agreement, the term will automatically continue to a monthly agreement.

2. Provision of the Services

2.1 During the Term Sweet Release will:

(a) provide the Services to the Client with all due care and skill and in a professional manner consistent with generally-accepted industry standards;

(b) assist the Client in the establishment of a digital strategy in order to maximise the effectiveness of the Services;

(c) keep the Clients nominated contact(s) informed of the progress of the Services;

(d) inform the Client of any issues, which Sweet Release reasonably believes may impact on the provision of the Services; and

(e) provide the Client with detailed accounts of Services rendered.

2.2 Provision of the Services may require the collection of website performance data (sourced from Google Analytics and other third-party service providers) which will include, but is not limited to:

(a) user number records, session number and session length details, conversion rates, goal completions, bounce rates, demographic and geolocation data, scroll depth, document downloads, error rates, page views, average time on page, exit percentage and raw data such as browser type, operating system type, network location and IP address; and

(b) any other performance data that may be reasonably required in connection with the provision of the Services, including keyword traffic volumes, search engine ranking data, call tracking records, advertising performance, customer lifetime value, and content performance (together, the “Data”).

2.3 The Client agrees that Sweet Release will, and permits Sweet Release to:

(a) collect, store and use Data pertaining to the Client during the provision of the Services for the purposes of providing the Services;

(b) collect, store and use historical Data pertaining to the Client relating to any period up to 24 months prior to the provision of the Services for the purposes of analysing performance history and providing year-on-year performance comparisons in connection with the provision of the Services; and

(c) retain any Data collected, stored and used pursuant to sub-clauses (a) and (b) above at Sweet Release’s discretion indefinitely or until such time as Sweet Release elects, in its sole discretion, to destroy such Data, for the purposes of Sweet Release’s internal analysis, use and review, provided that Sweet Release warrants and agrees not to disclose such Data to any third party or publicly without the prior authorisation of the Client.

2.4 Sweet Release reserves the right to collect and share aggregated data relating to the Client’s performance during their engagement with Sweet Release, including but not limited to, traffic and revenue growth by channel and date. Sweet Release uses this data to monitor and forecast Client’s performance. This data will remain anonymous to all person’s other than Sweet Release employees.


3. Client Obligations

3.1 The Client warrants that:

(a) it owns the rights or has the right to use the Client Content;

(b) it owns the rights or has the rights to use any software, hardware, systems, IP addresses, domain names and other items in the Clients’ ICT systems and infrastructure (“Infrastructure”);

(c) its Infrastructure is in good working order and that it has sole responsibility for the availability and integrity of the Infrastructure;

(d) has put in place sufficient internal controls to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the Client Content;

(e) it will check the integrity of the Client Content on a regular basis; and

(f) it will use its best endeavours to comply with its obligations under this Agreement.

3.2 For the avoidance of doubt, Sweet Release does not take any responsibility for the Client Content and it is the Clients sole responsibility to ensure the integrity of the Client Content.

3.3 During the term of this Agreement, the Client must:

(a) Provide all necessary information to Sweet Release upon request;

(b) Provide access to locations, systems and Infrastructure including relevant passwords and/or data required by Sweet Release in order to perform the Services;

(c) regularly backup its data, Client Content and/or website and use appropriate and up-to-date malicious code and virus detection software for preventing and detecting any harmful code, and take all reasonable precautions to safeguard its business against loss or disruption.

(d) cooperate with Sweet Release by providing access to its premises and facilities as reasonably necessary to enable Sweet Release to provide the Services;

(e) provide other such access, documents, information or data as Sweet Release reasonably requires in order to perform the Services; and.

(f) comply with in the terms and conditions of this agreement, including any Special Conditions set out in Schedule 1.

3.4 The Client agrees to comply with these Terms at all times and not engage in any conduct that in the reasonable opinion of Sweet Release obstructs the nature and goodwill of the Services.

3.5 The Client agrees to use the Services only for lawful purposes and is prohibited from posting on or transmitting through the Services any unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, profane, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable material of any kind, including, but not limited to, any material which encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offence, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any applicable local, state or national law.

3.6 During the Term of this Agreement, Sweet Release may elect to electronically monitor the Services for adherence to these terms and may disclose to the extent permitted by law (and subject to our obligations of confidentiality) any content, records or electronic communication of any kind:

(a) As required by law;

(b) if such disclosure is necessary to perform the Services, or

(c) to protect the rights or property of Sweet Release.

3.7 ​Sweet Release reserves the right to remove any Client Content or other content that it deems to offensive or as otherwise described in clause 3.5. Where a series of such breaches occurs by the Client. after receiving notice to desist from Sweet Release, Sweet Release will terminate your Agreement with immediate effect in accordance with clause 24.2 (a).

3.8 The Client agrees to not duplicate, copy, reuse, sell, resell, or exploit any portion of the Services without express written permission from Sweet Release.

3.9 Verbal, physical, written or other abuse (including threats of abuse) or retribution of Sweet Release employees will result in immediate termination of your Agreement.


4. Fee and Payment

4.1 The Fees for the Services are set out in Schedule 1.

4.2 Unless otherwise indicated in Schedule 1 the Fee does not include goods and services tax (‘GST’). In addition to and at the same time as payment of the Fee, the Client must pay to Sweet Release any GST relating to the Services.

4.3 The Client hereby gives its express authorisation for Sweet Release to automatically debit the Clients nominated bank account (including credit card) on the Debit Date for the payment of the Fees.

4.4 Sweet Release will provide the Client with a Statement of Account showing the amounts debited and any other fee or disbursement accrued on the Clients behalf.

4.5 Any disbursements incurred as a result of providing the Services will be reimbursed in full to Sweet Release upon submission of receipts to the Client.

4.6 If there is a change in the scope, timing or order of the Services, then Sweet Release will be entitled to additional payment of any amount which is reasonable in the circumstances.


5. Failed or overdue payments

5.1 Where Sweet Release has attempted to debit the funds on the Debit Date and the payment has been rejected due to insufficient funds (or some other reason), Sweet Release will contact the Client to arrange another date to debit the account. Where the second attempt to debit the account fails, Sweet Release reserves the right to charge a Failed Payment Fee. The outstanding payment immediately becomes a debt due and payable by the Client to Sweet Releasee.

5.2 Where 2 or more attempts have been made to debit the account but payment fails, Sweet Release will suspend all services until the relevant payment(s) have been made.

5.3 The Client agrees to pay any and all costs associated with recovery of debt under this clause including (but not limited to) debt collection, outsourcing and legal costs should Sweet Release take legal action through courts of appropriate jurisdiction.


6. Paid Advertising Management

6.1 Sweet Release will set up paid advertising campaigns and deliver paid traffic to the Clients website. This can be from a variety of networks including Google, Facebook and Bing. If paid traffic cannot be delivered to the website in question due to the editorial policies of the search engines regarding the acceptance of advertiser web properties, then the Client will be notified of the situation in writing. Sweet Release is not to be held liable in this situation. When subscribing to remarketing services through Sweet Release. it is the responsibility of the Advertiser to ensure that relevant Privacy Laws and Policies (Google, Facebook) are in place regarding direct marketing.

6.2 Costs associated with media and clicks generated from running this service will be charged directly by respective platform. The Client authorises Sweet Release to provide your credit card details to the advertising platform for this purpose. These fees will appear as separate charges on the Clients credit card statement.

6.3 The Client agrees that Sweet Release is not responsible or liable for any incorrect payments charged by third party advertising platforms. The Client agrees to communicate directly with the advertising platform should any incorrect charges be made on your nominated account by a third party advertising platform. Sweet Release agrees to provide tis reasonable assistance to facilitate communication between the Client and Google should this situation arise.

6.4 All paid platform accounts initially set up by Sweet Release are the property of Sweet Release. Upon termination or expiration of this Agreement, the Client may apply to Sweet Release to transfer ownership of the account which will be granted if the following conditions are met:

(a) The term of the agreement is realised; and

(b) A minimum of 12 payments have been made on this service.

6.5 The Client must comply with guidelines for the respective paid advertising platforms.

6.6 A Paid Advertising campaign which is still in its Minimum Term and has had a minimum of 3 payments processed, can be paused for a 1 regular payment, per 3 regular payment period. Where the campaign is suspended for a longer period of time, then Sweet Release may choose to terminate the Agreement and charge the Client a Cancellation Fee in accordance with clause 1.3.

6.7 If Sweet Release elects to use a paid platform account owned by the Client, changes to the account should only be made by Sweet Release staff. The Client can request changes to the account via the nominated Sweet Release account manager.

6.8 Please note that Sweet Release (a Google AdWords Certified Company) is not directly affiliated with Google™. All Google™ related services, claims and guarantees are performed and underwritten by Sweet Release.


7. Upload of Content to Customer Websites

7.1 Sweet Release will upload optimised content and tags to the Client’s website where a web page is written in a language that our technicians are trained in. If a web page has been designed using languages that we are not skilled in, uploading of content will be the responsibility of the Client and/or their webmaster.

7.2 During the provision of the Services, the Client may provide Sweet Release with access to make changes to their website. However, the Client agrees that Sweet Release is not liable for any errors which may occur in these updates. Although full care is taken when making such website changes, the Client is expected to regularly back up its data in accordance with clause 3.3. This excludes websites which been developed by and still hosted with Sweet Release.


8. Website Design

8.1 Website design services are provided as per your Website Design Agreement with Sweet Release. An approximate timing schedule is provided at the time of the Website Design Agreement. Failure to provide content or other items within the specified time will delay the setup of the website.

8.2 Website design costs may be subsidised by Sweet Release and set out in Schedule 1. If the Client discontinues the development of the website at any stage prior to completion, the Client is liable to pay this subsidised amount. Further, if the Client discontinues the development of the website at any stage prior to completion, the Client is responsible for any fees associated with the completion of the website as outlined in their Website Design Agreement.

8.3 After the launch of a website, the Client is responsible for backing up their website on a regular basis, unless the website is hosted by Sweet Release. In the event that the Clients website goes down and it is hosted on a website server other than the Sweet Release server, we are not responsible for bringing the website back online.


9. Website Hosting Services

9.1 Where Sweet Release will host a Clients existing website, the Client must pay a Transfer Fee at the outset of the web hosting service.

9.2 Sweet Release warrants that the Clients uptime availability will be at least 99.9% except where the failure results from:

(a) A failure or malfunction in relation to any device or equipment, any software or power supply outside our control, unless caused by our wrongful act or omission;

(b) The Client’s act or omission (or a person under the Client’s direction or control);

(c) A failure or malfunction of any software forming part of the Services which has not been subjected to a testing regime due to its time critical nature including updates, patches, definitions, etc.;

(d) during scheduled maintenance windows and any emergency maintenance and upgrade work;

(e) a requirement, direction or any other order issued by a court, government authority, administrative or judicial body;

(f) unauthorised or illegal access by any party to any party of the computer systems used to provide the Services including hacking, cracking, virus dissemination and denial of service attacks;

(g) any false breaches reported as a result of outages or errors of any Sweet Release measurement system;

(h) DNS propagation;

9.3 If in any calendar month, should Sweet Release fail to meet the Uptime SLA, Sweet Release will refund to the Client, as its sole right or remedy, a 20% percentage credit of the fees for the relevant Service in that month (“Service Credit”). Service Credits are calculated against that month’s web hosting fees and charges only. The Client must request a Service Credit in writing via our email address All requests must be made within 30 days of the Uptime SLA breach occurring, and the Client must provide Sweet Release with details of the breach claimed for verification purposes. If the breach is confirmed by Sweet Release (based on Sweet Release’s records obtained from its monitoring services) to have occurred, then Sweet Release will, within 60 days of your request being received, apply the relevant Service Credit to the Client’s nominated account.

9.4 The Client is only entitled to make 1 claim for a Service Credit per month.

9.5 Where the Client is in breach of its obligations under this Agreement, including its obligation to pay Fees, then any Service Credit will be set off and deducted from the amount owed by the Client to Sweet Release. Nothing in this clause prevents Sweet Release from exercising its full rights to recover monies from the Client owed to Sweet Release under this Agreement.

9.6 Sweet Release takes no responsibility for a websites functionality or performance that has been transferred into its hosting environment pursuant to this clause. If Sweet Release identifies any issues with the website which may degrade the server and/or affect the stability of the Clients website, Sweet Release will notify the Client of same and such issues must be rectified at the Clients expense in order to continue the hosting services.


10. Email setup

10.1 Sweet Release will assist the Client in the setup of email addresses via a preferred services provider. Instructions will be provided on the setup of the email access on your desktop and mobile devices.

10.2 Any further support regarding the setup or ongoing usage of your email will be provided via the preferred services provider.


11. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

11.1 Sweet Release will undertake the optimisation of the Clients website as per best practise techniques used in the industry.

11.2 Although Sweet Release are the specialists in the industry, the Client agrees and understands that SEO does not provide any guaranteed results and that results can vary based on the Clients website history,  industry and many more factors. The Client agrees to release Sweet Release and any employee, owner, or director of Sweet Release from being liable for any damages, cost, or loss of business due to any incidents and/or issues relating to any search engine’s actions.

11.3 Any alterations of SEO keywords by the Client after the initial selection of the keywords will incur additional fees.

11.4 SEO services do not include the consultation required in the launching of a new website, on the domain being worked on. An additional fee will be payable for this service, which will be quoted prior to commencement of this consultation. Organic Search Marketing services are exempt of this fee.


12. Website Content Maintenance

12.1 Ad-hoc website maintenance including content updates is charged at the hourly rates set out in Schedule 1 with a one (1) hour minimum and has a ten (10) business day turnaround time. Website maintenance packages will have content changes administered five (5) business days after requested.


13. Linked Websites

13.1 Some of the Services may contain links to other websites (“linked websites”) which are not owned or operated by Sweet Release. Those links are provided for convenience only and may not remain current or be maintained. Sweet Release is not responsible for the content or the terms and conditions and privacy practices associated with linked websites.

13.2 Sweet Release's links with linked websites should not be construed as an endorsement, approval or recommendation by Sweet Release of the owners or operators of those linked websites, or of any inf