.VALUED AT $20,000 .


We're on the hunt Down-Under for the Next Top Model and Anchor for Naked News Australia.

To celebrate return of Naked News to Australia and New Zealand in partnership with Sweet Release Agency, we are on the hunt for the Next Top Model and Anchorwoman who will represent the "Land Down Under".

Sweet Release is an award winning Australian adult entertainment business marketing and publicity agency helping thousands of adult entertainers and businesses reach climax in the Adult Industry in 110 countries worldwide, internationally sponsored and locally owned and operated in Melbourne Victoria.

Naked News is a multi-award winning Canadian news and entertainment program featuring nude female news presenters covering sports, movies, food, sex and relationships. Naked News TV! is an offshoot of the web program and is broadcast on pay TV in various countries around the world and coming back down-under in 2021.



You are Female, Over 21 years of age and open to 100% full nudity;

You speak fluent English and additional languages are a bonus;

You are Australian or New Zealand Citizen / Permanent Resident;

You have a Current Passport and can travel to and from the United States between XX 20201 and XX 2021.


We're Now Casting!

The most important thing to remember is that thousands of potential models will apply to be on Naked News and we value every single application we receive.

Video Introduction and Application


Submit the online application form along with a 30 second video of you 100% naked introducing yourself (you may even want to do a mock news story showing your personality and vibrancy) and one (1) Lingerie/Bikini Photograph.

Finalists Will Be Selected


Producers (Naked News) and Directors (Sweet Release) will choose and announce finalists on social media and finalists videos and photographs along with their profiles will be listed on the Top Model website with public voting form.

The Public Decides Who Wins


Your Submitted Photograph and 30 Second Video will be used to promote you as a Finalist and encourage votes throughout Social Media and active subscribers of Naked News. You will need to encourage your fans to vote for you too!


Apply Online Now

Complete the application form below in full to be considered for this incredible competition and opportunity to join Naked News Australia. Incomplete applications will be deleted automatically on submission. Do not contact casting department to check on the status of an application they will contact you if they need to.

You must be over 21 years of age to apply.


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