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" We're intensely passionate about your success – We're committed to ensuring you reach climax in results. It's this unwavering drive that sets us apart and makes us the ultimate choice."
- Jett Black, CEO & Founder

Jett Black, CEO Sweet Release Agency

Since 2017, we crave the climax 💋
Sizzling with innovative solutions that tease and please, with a fiery passion and peer-led expertise you won't find anywhere else.

Since our debut in 2017, we've ignited the passions of 5,000+ businesses and entertainers, guiding them to the peak of pleasure and success globally. Our very first client? From seductive struggles to a lavish lap of luxury, with investments in tantalizing properties and a dreamy first home. Ever since, we've been the siren's call, drawing adult businesses and entertainers worldwide into our embrace of prosperity and thrill. Birthed from the passionate vision of a renowned Sex Worker and Adult Industry Luminary, Jett Black, Sweet Release is seductively recognized as the pinnacle of adult industry marketing and public relations mastery - welcome to our world where sensuality meets strategy.

Far beyond just 'another' agency 💋
We are intimately dedicated to elevate you to new peaks of success - let's climax together!

I started Sweet Release in 2017 after supporting a handful of my industry peers - gay escorts, massage service providers and sex shop owners with their own marketing and advertising problems. I helped them get more client, attract more loyal fans and increase sales. Once I saw how I had changed their lives for the better with sustainable businesses in the adult industry, I was hooked and I just wanted to help more adult businesses and adult entertainers do the same.


I have had many conversations with industry peers and after conducting my own research, I discovered that there is no dedicated marketing, advertising and public relations agency for the adult industry. I also discovered there was very limited business consultancy services, accounting and legal support for adult businesses and entertainers who wanted to take their career to the next level.


So, I took my REAL industry knowledge (yes, that is right I am a proud SWer with over a decade in the business, getting my kit off with my own clients) with my extensive education and training and genuine passion for businesses and entertainers reach climax and I breathed life into what is known today as the #1 Adult Industry Marketing and Public Relations Agency for the Global Adult Industry, Sweet Release."

Jett Black Sweet Release Agency

10+ Years Male Sex Worker, Casting Agent, Producer, Publicist, Marketer, Strategist

Jett Black - CEO, Founder

Bad Girl Pro

Our Sultry Partners: The Trailblazers Who Dared to Tease Destiny! 🔥💃🌟

Our experts do more than sparkle; they dazzle with brilliance, and our alluring clientele adds that extra splash of pizzazz, pushing us to sizzle brighter each day! From Sydney's pulsating digital heart, we've woven sensuous tales across diverse landscapes – from the roaring crowds of Adult Industry Events to the whispers of Sex Shops and Content Creators. Our experience is as vast and tempting as the red light district!

Whether you're cruising for a good time or diving deep into hidden desires with a new adult business (or app innovation) we are passionate innovators and industry-peers of the global adult entertainment business industry.


Ready for a seductive twist in your marketing tale? We don't just understand your needs; we anticipate, seduce, and elevate them. Dive in, let's help you reach climax! 🔥💋🌟


Sultry Triumphs in Adult Industry Marketing: The World Leading Adult PR Powerhouse! 🔥💃🌆

Watching our dedication sizzle and transform into award-winning campaigns is nothing short of intoxicating. While the accolades aren't our sole motivation, they do paint a seductive picture of our prowess to the world. Time and again, our sultry and innovative campaigns have been both nominated and awarded, a testament to the collective passion of our dazzling team. And now, we're eager to bring that same fiery magic to your doorstep.

XAWARDS Sweet Release Agency
Adult Awards Australia Sweet Release Agency
X AWARDS Sweet Release Agency
XAWARDS Australia
B&T Awards Sweet Release Agency
ASN Awards Sweet Release Agency

With over four sultry decades under our belt, our global team of seasoned aficionados has sizzled our agency to the pinnacle — crowned as the world's most tantalizing #1 Adult Industry Marketing and Public Relations sensation! 🔥

🌟 Triumphed at the X Awards Adult Industry Awards as the "Adult Industry Webmasters" Champions!

🌟 Dazzled and dominated the B&T 30 Under 30 Awards as the "Best Marketing Agency"

🔥 Sizzling Victory as the "Adult Industry Journalism & Media" Maestros at the X Awards Adult Industry Awards!

🌟 Our dynamo, Jett Black, dazzled as the " Top 100 Entrepreneur Of The Year" at the BusinessNews Entrepreneur Awards.

💋 Triumphed with sensuous flair as the "Adult Industry Supporting Business" at the ASN Lifestyle Magazine Awards.


Top 100 Business Growth Marketing and Public Relations Agency (Sweet Release Agency)

Top 40 Under 40 Entrepreneur (Jett Black - Founder/CEO of Sweet Release Agency)


Australia's Top 100 Entrepreneur (Jett Black)

Finalist - B&T 30 Under 30, Entrepreneur Of The Year

Finalist - B&T 30 Under 30, Marketing Agency


Finalist - ASN Magazine Awards, Best Adult Industry Supporting Business

Finalist - ASN Magazine Awards, Best Adult Industry Entertainer (Jett Black)


Finalist - B&T 30 Under 30, Marketing Agency

Finalist - B&T 30 Under 30, Entrepreneur Of The Year

Finalist - B&T 30 Under 30, Marketing Professional

Winner - X Awards Australia, Marketing Agency Of The Year (Director)

Winner - X Awards Australia, Adult Industry Event (Producer)

Winner - X Awards Australia, Website Design and Development (Designer)


Finalist - B&T 30 Under 30, Marketing Agency

Finalist - B&T 30 Under 30, Entrepreneur Of The Year

Finalist - B&T 30 Under 30, Marketing Professional

Winner - X Awards Australia, Marketing Agency Of The Year (Director)

Winner - X Awards Australia, Adult Industry Event (Producer)

Winner - X Awards Australia, Website Design and Development (Designer)

Every day we sizzle, seduce success, and empower your ascent to dominate!


Client Retention Rate


Years' Peer-Experience


Industry Experts

You Asked - What Makes Us Different? 💋
We're industry insiders, we have experienced its peaks and valleys. Every twist and turn, we've learned the art of reaching that ultimate climax on a global scale.

We're more than just an agency; we are a symphony of authenticity and creativity. We stand bold and determined, always accountable for our actions.


Our global presence is built on a foundation of trust, reliability, and a contemporary spirit that never wavers.


Award-winning and fiercely independent, our commitment to transparency and professionalism is unwavering.


We're driven by results, fuelled by passion, and always rooted in our authentic, considerate, and vibrant culture. 

With us, there's no fluff, just a no-nonsense, brutally honest approach that guarantees results. We don't wear rose-colored glasses; we see things as they are and push the boundaries with our harsh yet fair methods.


If you want results you have come to the right place, if you want us to butter you up for no reason and smother you in bullshit, then find another agency to partner with.


But remember, we'll be bluntly transparent, so you always shine the brightest. Ready to embrace the bold side of success then Sweet Release Agency is your team player!

Media & Press

The Global Adult Business Marketing Agency

Endorsement: YNOT

ASN Magazine Partners With Sweet Release

Endorsement: ASN Lifestyle Magazine

Sweet Release Agency Achieves Milestone of 5,000 Adult Business and Adult Entertainment Clients

Press: ASNHUB News Network

Australia's Top 100 Entrepreneur Jett Black

Press: BusinessNews Australia

Sex Positive Australia With Sweet Release Agency

Podcast: Swinging DownUnder Podcast

Jett Black - Escort and Founder of X Awards & Sweet Release

Podcast: The Rant With Herman James

Australian Adult Industry Association

Frooty Magazine Australia​

ASN Entertainment (United States)​

Empire Industry Finance

BusinessNews Australia​

Full Service Podcast Show (United States)​

AdultPress Media (Australia)

SwingingDownUnder Podcast

Redlight Australia Network

XBIZ News (Global)

Synergy Magazine (Australia)

Western Advocate Bathurst

Swing Culture Podcast

MyFavorite Porn Star

The Rant With Herman James

Premium Endorsement On LisNic

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