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We are an award-winning adult industry marketing and public relations agency. We are industry experts you can trust.

We’re passionate about compelling, engaging user experiences. We’re committed to finding new, inventive ways to secure customers and drive brand loyalty in the global Adult Industry. We’re devoted to looking ahead; to helping you market your products and services in ways your competitors aren’t. We love to understand your business’ needs, in detail, and make the process as smooth as possible. We’re dedicated to creating a fun, vibrant place to work, and to being an agency our clients around the world get genuinely excited about working with. And above all, our story has always been about telling your story.



While we’re unfailingly future-focused, we’re also proud to be industry peers (with a past). With close to three decades’ adult industry experience amongst our team, we’ve evolved alongside the technology we use, and with our clients’ needs. We have deep technical knowledge and creative, we make recommendations based on real experience, and love nothing more than a new challenge.



We’re a Peer-First Agency; with a strong focus on ensuring our team are Industry Peers who truly live and breathe the Adult Entertainment Business Industry. We employ bright, digitally-focused experts who have REAL working knowledge of the Adult Industry and who are able to work independently and proactively, giving our people the support and the freedom they need to create clever solutions.

Global Network


We believe that in order for the Adult Entertainment Business Industry to maintain sustainability that a strong emphasis must be placed on global connections, industry partnerships and ongoing education and inspiration - not just within the Adult Industry. We are passionate about partnering with open-minded companies that turn a blind-eye; to support our clients and our industry network.

Family Values


We are a family-owned and operated Agency of Adult Entertainment Business Industry peers. We believe that our clients deserve to be treated like family because to us, the Adult Industry is an extension of our family. There are the families we are born into and then the families that we choose. At Sweet Release, we bring family values to our client relationships.

Why Sweet Release?


At Sweet Release Agency, everything we do is created in-house by passionate industry-peers with talents and genuinely know and understand their skills. We’re digital 'geeks' with a strong technical backbone. While other agencies have come and gone, our globally connected team endures. We believe creative thinking and passion for the Adult Industry should lead every element of a project; from the initial strategy, to ongoing maintenance and support. We’re efficient and budget-conscious, creating custom solutions to specific needs for every Adult Business and Adult Entertainer. You talk with the people that own the business and work in the business: the people you see are the people who deliver. We’re 100% independent and have strong strategic partnerships around the world. Your project won’t be swallowed up by a global ad agency or consulting firm. We’re future-focused and proud to identify with the Adult Entertainment Business Industry.

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Why Choose Sweet Release?

We are a multi-award-winning agency of industry peers experienced and passionate.

We are experts in Adult Business and Adult Entertainment marketing and publicity.

We are globally networked with international organisations committed to your success.

We offer flexible contracts with flexible payment arrangements to help your business grow.

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