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When you partner with Adult Industry Experts who are Passionate about your success you are bound to succeed with your Marketing and Public Relations. At Sweet Release our team are skilled in all areas of Adult Business and Adult Entertainment with the real working knowledge and experience to support you with achieving your goals. 


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"Sweet Release experts are quick, clear and effective!"

Sweet Release helped us get our social media and email marketing on-point. They're amazing at creating content and design creatives. To top it off they're extremely responsive which made all our interactions quick, clear and effective.

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At Sweet Release, you can access Adult Industry Marketing Experts in a one off or regular consult engagement.

If you are doing some marketing for your Adult Business or Adult Entertainment Career and you are finding it is not really working for you, or are considering a range of marketing activities, but do not know which one will achieve your goals, then you will benefit from a marketing consult with our award winning marketing experts.

For over 40 years combined knowledge of adult entertainment and adult business industry, we have continued to create comprehensive B2B digital marketing strategies based on meticulous research. Then we dive in with you, by your side to bring your ideas and campaigns to life.


Our Adult Industry Marketing Experts are dedicated to your success story and offer you their time below.


  • Strategic Plan created for you based on immediate goals

  • Campaign Ideas and Recommendations

  • Dedicated Adult Industry Marketing Expert

Our Orgasmic Session is all about helping you achieve immediate Adult Business or Adult Entertainment Marketing and Advertising Goals. We will get deep into your business plans and strategise campaigns that will help you reach your goals faster!


Consultation Session

  • 7 Hours

  • 1 Dedicated Adult Industry Marketing Expert

  • Up to 10 people from your Business can participate in meeting

  • 8-20 page debrief and a 1 year marketing calendar/budget with strategic recommendations and campaign ideas to help you reach your goals faster

  • Solid level audit of marketing assets e.g. website, social media channels and existing marketing material you are using


  • Guidance on what WILL work for your business/career

  • Guidance on marketing and advertising strategies that work

  • Dedicated Adult Industry Marketing Expert

Our Starter Session is ideal for Adult Businesses and Adult Entertainers who need a head start in taking the centre stage with their marketing and digital advertising and overtaking their competitors online.


Consultation Session

  • 2 Hours

  • 1 Dedicated Adult Industry Marketing Expert

  • 3 people from your Business can participate in meeting

  • Bullet points in debrief email or photos of whiteboard sessions sent at the conclusion of your session to assist you with your marketing