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 FACT  search demand is down, so it is important to dominate the search results for when demand returns. We are the only award-winning Adult SEO Agency focussed on your goals.

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Time and time again, we hear from our clients that mainstream marketing agencies are cashing in on their adult industry business or adult entertainment career - lacking the knowledge and expertise to navigate ADULT SEO.
We have seen terrible services that damage our clients websites - where we have to step in and fix the problems and save them every time!


In the adult industry it is a fact that people want fast and instant gratification - the same applies to search engine optimisation (SEO) results.

People rarely go beyond the first page of google and other popular search engines, so where are you?

If your competitors are on the first page and you are not, you are invisible and nobody is going to find you or click your link when they see your competitors before you.

adult search engine optimisation is the fast track to reaching climax and dominating search results

To become visible in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP's for short) for trending topics related to the adult industry, you need to know and understand what your target audience is interested in, what they need to know about your business and services.

SEO is a scientific approach to digital marketing, optimising the way your website appears in the search results - by writing in the language of your customers and target audience. Search Engine Optimisations gets you seen by customers.

Client Case Study


Meet our client

Sarah Ashley is an established and respected adult entertainment agency with over 300 female strippers and showgirls.

A quick overview

Sarah Ashley had worked with a different SEO agency for over a year who promised to help them rank on the first page of Google and generate quality local traffic.

Concerned by the lack of transparency and the honesty of the other agency, Sarah Ashley took the time to explore her options and stumbled across Sweet Release Agency.

We conducted extensive analysis of on-page and off-page (backlinks) for Sarah Ashley as well as took the time to review competitors and compare our findings.

Shockingly, the other agency did not do any of the work they promised and relied strongly on Paid Advertising (PPC) to generate traffic to the website. A lot of the backlinks created were broken or using language search engines do not approve which caused Sarah Ashley website to drop to the search page #54.

Sarah Ashley Sweet Release Agency

Our approach

We discussed our findings our client Sarah Ashley who was horrified with what we found and was prepared to get things fixed immediately.

Week 1: we conducted comprehensive analyses of Sarah Ashley website including review of the UX Design, On-Page Content, keywords and phrases as well as scrutinised meta-data site-wide.

Week 2: we conducted extensive research into the keywords and phrases of competitors as well as identified the search terms and queries of target customers and then implemented these into the Sarah Ashley website along with regenerating the sitemap and submitting to search engines.

Week 3: after careful consultation and strategy development, we commenced implementation of Google Ads to generate targeted traffic, while we waited for our extensive changes to positively impact search results for Sarah Ashley.

this is an ongoing project and the client is still working with us on a 6 month contract.

The Results So Far 

Sarah Ashley is now ranking on Page 1 of Google with 110 keywords and phrases in the Top 10 search results pages.


Sarah Ashley is generating local traffic and talent pre-booking inquiries from Paid Ads for events that will take place when COVID-19 restrictions ease in both Sydney and Queensland, Australia. Sarah Ashley has increased Trust and Citation from low 5's to high 20-30's in 7 weeks as a result of our backlink implementation strategies.

" other SEO agencies do not show you what they are doing, Sweet Release actually shows me that they do the work - and it is working!!! My rankings and results are improving and so far I am a very happy client "  


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