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Adult Industry Casting Professionals

Your gateway to the world of Adult Film and Entertainment stardom

We help aspiring and current adult entertainers reach climax with our expertise in adult entertainment marketing and public relations.

To Apply YOU MUST BE a US Citizen and No Younger Than 21 Years Of Age


Ready to tease your way to the top?
Elevate your adult entertainment journey with a sizzling, award-winning twist in talent management 🔥💋🎉

We've ignited the careers of countless aspiring adult entertainers, transforming them into sultry webcam sensations and captivating content creators. For those already in the spotlight, we've been the secret to their dazzling ascent.

Dive into the world of Sweet Release, where we promise not just results, but electrifying, spine-tingling success for those daring to reach the pinnacle in the Adult Industry. From seductive website designs to tantalizing PR tactics, we've got the allure to make things sizzle.

What We Do to support emerging and existing talent in the global adult industry.


Adult Talent Management and Casting Service

Dive into a world where passion meets professionalism. We're here to fuel your ascent in the adult entertainment universe.


Whether you're:

🔥 Lighting up the webcam scene
💋 Dominating as a male or female sensation
🌟 Shining bright as a transgender star
📸 Crafting captivating adult content & media

We've got the allure and expertise to make your dreams sizzle and pop! Ready for the limelight? Let's turn up the heat together. 🔥💋🌟


Talent Career Services and Career Development

Unleash your allure and let the world be seduced by your charm. Dive deep into services designed to:

🔥 Craft sultry websites that captivate
💋 Mold an irresistible brand
📸 Create tantalizing digital content
🌟 Intimate career coaching for 'adult talent'
💡 Ignite passion with digital marketing

Ready to enchant fans globally and make them crave more of what makes you the unique and alluring person you are?

We will help you launch your career!🔥💋
Build yourself a career as an adult media film star, model or adult entertainer.

We Find Content Producers Worldwide.

We're always on the prowl for fresh producers, directors, studios, and performers to collaborate with – but only if you bring serious sizzle and utmost professionalism to the table.

We Are Sex-Positive And DO NOT Discriminate.

We wear our sexual openness with pride, seeking and signing performers from all corners of desire—whether you shine in the gay or straight porn realms. We're here to celebrate and elevate diverse passions.

NO Unlicensed Studios and Casting Agents.

We meticulously collaborate only with esteemed studios, directors, agencies, and talent from around the globe. Our talent's well-being and reputation come first; hence, we steer clear from studios with tarnished histories or those lacking in financial integrity. Your trust and safety in the limelight is our priority. 

Sex Work Is Work. We help you BUILD CAREER.

With over four sultry decades in the adult entertainment realm, we possess a wealth of insights that our talent treasures. We guide our models, prepping them for shoots and enlightening them about the behind-the-scenes magic. Dive into this journey with seasoned experts who know the art of seduction and success. 

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