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We are proud to partner with the best legal services worldwide so you can run your business and entertainment career without any mood-killing surprises, so you can dominate the industry.

Not everyone understands the law in the adult industry that's why you need our lawyers*.

Not everyone has the time to understand the law as it applies to the global adult industry so our adult industry lawyers are experts in helping you navigate every sector of the global adult entertainment industry so you grow your empire.

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Sweet Release
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Our Adult Industry Legal Experts can provide you with the following:

✓ Legal Consulting / Audits for your business

✓ On-Call Legal Experts

Regular updates on policy and regulations internationally

✓ Comprehensive legal resources and support services

✓ Commercial Law - Adult Businesses

✓ Entertainment Law - Adult Entertainers

✓ Anti Money Laundering Compliance

✓ Business Set Up and Registration

✓ Contract Law and Underwriting

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Adult Industry Lawyers who are always non-judgemental and open-minded: