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Confidential, Sex-Positive, Legal and Business Support Services.

 Non-Judgement Supportive Legal Services

 Stigma-Free Legal Services for the Adult Industry

 Adult Industry Only Legal Professionals

 Affordable and Discreet

We are proud to partner with the best legal professionals who work with and understand the global adult industry, dedicated to helping you stay out of trouble with your adult business or adult entertainer career anywhere in the world.

Adult Industry Legal Services.

Adult Industry Accounting Sweet Release Agency

Adult Industry Law Is "Tricky" not everyone understands the law as it applies to different countries and different regions.

Not everyone understands adult industry law.


We are proud to partner with sex-positive adult industry legal services and business consultancy experts who can provide careful, well-informed and expert guidance when it comes to adult business and adult entertainment law.

Navigate legal requirements of the adult industry worldwide with ease.

Over 20+ years experience meeting the needs of thriving adult business owners and adult entertainers who are looking to outsource the timely process of managing their legal and business liabilities for success.

Adult Industry Accounting Sweet Release Agency
Adult Industry Accounting Sweet Release Agency

Our Adult Industry Legal Services

At Sweet Release we provide a judgement free service, so we can focus on the professional aspects of your career in the adult entertainment industry. We offer industry savvy, personal and business finance planning and advice, accounting services, tax preparation and filing. Professionals of all levels in this industry can alas get access to tailored professional support with ease.

Legal consulting / business audits and reviews.

Regular updates on policies and regulations worldwide.

Extensive Adult Industry legal resources and support.

Commercial Law - Adult Entertainment Businesses.

Entertainment Law - Adult Entertainment & Entertainers.

Business Setup and Financial Regulation Compliance.

Do you need adult industry legal advice? Organise a consultation call with our experts today!