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SMS Marketing

Boost Sales and Attract customers to your door anytime, anywhere.

 Mobiles are in their hot little hands 24/7

 People look at their mobile phones 150+ times per day

 98% of text messages are opened and read daily

Our state of the art marketing systems support SMS Mobile quick marketing messages, so you can communicate with your customers wherever they are for impulsive sales and better relationships.

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Did You Know...

98% of text (SMS) messages are opened and people look at their phones at least 150+ times per day?

SMS Marketing is a modern and easy way to reach out to your customers, subscribers and fans at any time, wherever they are; on their mobile phones with custom, personalised and tailored marketing messages. Whether you are a boutique brothel or a giant adult retail chain, text message marketing is driving sales and revenue, engaging your existing loyal customers and helping you find new ones.

How can SMS Marketing help you reach your sales goals?

Send a coupon studies show 70% of customers are likely to respond to SMS campaigns that offer a discount, giveaway or special offer.

Effective with 91% of customers who have their mobile phone within reach 24 hours, 7 days a week, they open 98% of SMS received.

Instant Reach with the average time it takes for all mobile carriers or SMS services to send and receive a message is less than 7 seconds!

SMS Marketing for Adult Businesses

"Sweet Release is Brilliant, experienced and unafraid."

Be prepared to take your business to the next level (for us, it was like 10 levels!). Brilliant, experienced, unafraid the team at Sweet Release are incredible. They are quick to respond and keep an eye on the competition so we can continue to outrank and outperform the fiercest stripper agencies in California with incredibly publicity, media opportunities and relationships.

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