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Trusted by thousands globally we've mastered the art of propelling adult businesses and entertainers to their peak, ensuring you reach the climax of success.

5,000 Adult Businesses and Adult Entertainers Trust Us Worldwide

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Our portfolio boasts collaboration with adult studios, performers, cam talents, and businesses. Whether you're an emerging star or a seasoned name, we're your ticket to magnified media presence. With our guidance, our clients have clinched awards from AVN, XBIZ, NightMoves, Urban X, and beyond.


Our track record includes placing our stars in renowned mainstream outlets and movies. Beyond the traditional PR routes, we amplify your name through social media buzz, interviews, magazine features, exclusive toy lines, event appearances, and so much more.

xAWARDS launches in Australia and needs a successful awards night a sell-out event, national awareness in digital and print and over $500,000 in prizes sponsor by industry 💋

Seductive Pleasure Box ignites a sizzling 300% surge in sales within a steamy 30 days! Their sex toy boxes for men, women, and couples dominates and inspire worldwide. 🔥🌍

Brianna Dymond takes centre stage with a PR Strategic Blueprint and master-guide to drive more fans, more sex toy sales and increased her presence in the global adult media industry. 💋

Traffic Stars

The sizzling spotlight you crave: Digital PR, designed to amp up your online allure.

In the sizzling realm of the adult industry, digital PR isn't just a bonus; it's a tantalizing necessity. With the right saucy strategy and a daring digital PR agency tailored for the adult world, the sky's the limit. 🌠

Our adept team dives deep, conducting meticulous research and weaving narratives that even the choosiest journalists find hard to resist. Think of a digital PR campaign as your red-carpet moment: a dazzling feature published under your name on elite platforms, tipping their hat to your site with a glittering link. While we chase the thrill of vast exposure and lustrous links, we never let your brand's essence slip away.

And the cherry on top? Our approach ensures that you're always in Google's good books. So while competitors languish in the shadows of spammy backlinks, you'll be basking in the spotlight, leaving them wondering about your secret sauce. 🥂🔥💋🎭

Ignite Passion with Our Adult PR Expertise!
Sizzling Publicity Solutions 🌶️

Navigating the deep waters of the adult entertainment industry:  Marketing can be a tease without the right expertise. Dive in with an adult digital PR agency like Sweet Release committed to elevating your game. Here's a taste of our specialized offerings:

Elevate your adult industry brand with our tailored media campaigns and partnership development. Dive into the spotlight as we craft compelling stories that resonate with your audience and forge powerful alliances to amplify your reach.


Harness the synergy of strategic collaborations and watch your brand sizzle, gaining credibility and expanding its influence in the adult entertainment arena. Benefit from the allure of shared success and let your brand become the talk of the town.


Event Production, Design and Development

Ignite the stage with our bespoke event production, design, and development services tailored for the adult industry. From concept to curtain call, we craft unforgettable experiences that captivate and enthrall. Dive into a world where every detail is meticulously curated to showcase your brand's allure.


Whether it's a sultry soirée or a grand gala, our expertise ensures you not only make a statement but also build lasting connections. Elevate your brand's presence, connect with industry leaders, and leave an indelible mark on your audience. Spotlight's on you!

In the dazzling world of the adult industry, your online reputation is gold. Our Online Reputation Management services are your shield and spotlight, ensuring you shine brilliantly while warding off any undesired shadows.


We meticulously curate your online presence, turning whispers of doubt into roaring testimonials. Benefit from a sterling reputation that not only attracts but also retains trust and credibility.


With us, you're not just in the limelight; you own it. Elevate, celebrate, and dominate with a reputation that's nothing short of impeccable.🌐


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Press Release Writing and Media Distribution

In the dynamic realm of the adult industry, every story deserves to be told with flair and finesse.


Our Press Release Writing service crafts narratives that captivate, ensuring your announcements aren't just heard, but celebrated.


We channel your unique essence into compelling words that resonate, positioning you at the forefront of industry conversations. Benefit from the amplified visibility and engagement that comes with masterfully penned releases.


With us, your news doesn't just spread; it sizzles, making waves and lasting impressions.📝

ASN Lifestyle Magazine

Navigating the intricate tapestry of the adult industry requires a global perspective paired with local insights. Our International and Local Publicity Campaign Management services offer just that.


We craft campaigns that resonate universally, while tailoring specific elements to captivate local audiences. Harnessing the dual power of widespread reach and intimate connections, your brand reaps the benefits of increased visibility, enhanced credibility, and amplified engagement.


Whether you're aiming for global dominance or local stardom, we've got the playbook to make your mark unforgettable. 🌍


Climax Packages:
Full-Service Adult PR Management

Ready to be the envy of the adult industry? Dive into our Publicity Full-Service Package!


Whether you're an alluring adult business or a captivating entertainer, our bundled Adult Public Relations services are designed to make you the talk of the town. Starting from USD $69 per hour, we recommend a minimum of 40 hours per month for six months to get the best results in quickest possible time. Trust us to deliver sizzling results for your adult business.

Full-Service PR Climax Package 
Dominate The Adult Industry

At Sweet Release Agency, we're not just any agency - we're YOUR comprehensive partner. From whispers in sultry corners to loud, passionate buzz across the industry, we ensure everyone's talking about you. Our Full-Service package is the golden ticket for adult businesses and entertainers eager to skyrocket to their pinnacle of success swiftly. Dive into a world of premium services, starting from $2500 USD per month, all tailored to elevate you to stardom. Here's a glimpse of what's wrapped up in our package:

Adult Public Relations Climax Package included services:
🌟 Branding and marketing
🌟 Social networking
🌟 Press releases
🌟 Interviews with Adult magazines and podcasts
🌟 Interviews with mainstream websites and radio

🌟 Magazine placement in Adult media
Magazine placement in mainstream media
🌟 Attaining mainstream work for our clients
🌟 Signings in retail stores and at trade shows
🌟 Trade shows: getting you ready
🌟 Hosting parties
🌟 Parties for launches, birthdays, and more
🌟 Red carpet events and presenting awards
🌟 Getting our clients nominated for award shows
🌟 Campaigns to get you winning awards
🌟 Attaining sponsors for your business
🌟 Developing key industry relationships
🌟 Consultancy (to grow your business/career)

Once we've set the stage, get ready for tailored PPC management that aligns with your specific goals, whether it's a month-to-month tease or one of our climax packages. Let's turn up the heat and make your campaigns irresistible!

3 Month Package

Cost: from $2500 (USD) / month

Term: 3 Month Minimum Fixed-Term

Payment Policy: Signed Contract with the Agency, Wire Transfers and Payment Guarantors (accepted)

Note: Additional fees will apply for paid-media placements, endorsement and some award entries, as well as any paid-for events, features or digital advertising campaigns - we will help you minimise your expenses and maximise return on investment.

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