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Jett Black the dark horse of the adult media and business industry.

Fearless in exploring uncharted waters, the irresistible Jett Black has boldly challenged societal conventions. As a trailblazing figure in the world of digital marketing and public relations, he's masterfully balanced his career with a more tantalising endeavour, enchanting as a charismatic male companion.

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Sensual Insights into Jett Black

Jett Black, a charismatic enigma, is a captivating blend of daring entrepreneur, seductive influencer, and alluring entertainer. With an aura that sparks curiosity and desire, Jett has conquered both the world of business and the realm of passion. Explore the intriguing facets of his life as he intertwines pleasure and success in an enticing journey that defies convention.

Multi-Award-Winning adult industry global business marketing and public relations professional as well as a mainstream entrepreneur influencer and thought-leader.

Former Gay Male Escort from Australia (Melbourne/Sydney) who brang joy to the elite sector of high profile corporate businessmen who sought an authentic companion.

Thousands of clients  spanning diverse industries including the adult entertainment and adult business sector, from male elite companion to marketing and publicity guru.

Jett Black is a multi-award-winning adult industry public relations and marketing mastermind, CEO of Sweet Release Agency, Founder of X Awards and a former-elite gay companion of Australia - igniting passion.

Recognised as one of Australia’s Top 100 Entrepreneurs (BusinessNews Australia), founder of Sweet Release Agency & X Awards Australia; Jett Black is a multi-award-winning and respected marketing, advertising, public relations, digital and communications expert; with over a decade working as an Elite Gay Male Companion.

Alongside his career as a publicist within the adult industry, Black has worked in Marketing, Public Relations and Digital Media for Boutique Agencies and ASX Listed Organisations including BIG Unlimited and firms similar to KPMG, PwC and EY throughout Australia partnering with established Hospitality, Fashion, Education, Retail, Law and Real Estate businesses worldwide as their executive marketing, digital and publicity director. 

Throughout his "mainstream" career, Black has been fortunate to receive nominations for B&T's 30 under 30 Marketing Agency and Entrepreneur Of The Year (2019 & 2020) as well as awarded Young Businessman Of The Year (Top 100, 2020) with Australian Business Awards.

Black has also recently won Australian Top 100 Entrepreneur Of The Year 2020 and Melbourne Entrepreneur Of The Year 2020 in the BusinessNews Australia Awards. In late-2018, Black launched Sweet Release Agency which has fast become an internationally respected, multi-award winning and respected adult entertainment business industry marketing and publicity agency which has helped over 2,300 clients in 110 countries.

Black has won Marketing Agency of the Year (2019) and Event Producer Of The Year (2019) in the Australian Adult Entertainment Industry Awards ( X Awards ) along with Industry Endorsed titles as voted by the Australian Adult Industry for Alpha Male Adult Industry Ambassador (2020), Website Design and Development (2020), Industry Journalism and Media (2020) and Industry Event of the Year (2020). Further to these accolades Jett holds the title of CEO of the Top 100 Business Growth Agency (2022-2024) including brand Sweet Release Agency, alongside recognition as Australia's Top 40 Under 40 Entrepreneur (2023-2024).

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