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Adult Industry Association (AIA) Partners with Sweet Release Agency

Sweet Release is appointed Australian Chapter Manager for the Adult Industry Association a global organisation aimed at protecting the civil, social and human rights of business owners, professionals and consumers worldwide in the sex and adult entertainment industry.

We are excited to announce our unique partnership with Adult Industry Association (AIA) a new global organisation aimed at protecting the civil, social and human rights of Adult Business Owners, Adult Entertainers and professionals who support and identify with the Global Adult Entertainment Business Industry.

The Adult Industry Association partners and collaborates with governmental, non-governmental, civil society and other related organisations to develop and implement solutions to mitigate the problems faced on a daily basis by millions of stakeholders in the Adult Industry.

Our partnership with the Adult Industry Association will further contribute to the global network of Lawyers, Doctors, Psychologists, Business Consultants, Tax Advisors and other related professionals to provide expert advice and assistance to members of this worldwide Adult Industry Network; as well as position Sweet Release as Australian AIA Chapter Managers; supporting Australian Adult Businesses and Adult Entertainers with membership.

Our Focus Points In Partnership

As the Australian Chapter Manager of the Adult Industry Association, we are focussed on safety, welfare and unity of Adult Businesses and Adult Entertainers. Our commitment to safety is powered by our focus points in line with the Associations core mission to safeguard the Adult Industry from:

  • Murder

  • Sex Trafficking

  • Rape/Sexual Abuse

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections

  • Forced Prostitution

  • Child Prostitution

  • Discrimination

  • Unfair Business Practices

  • Blackmail / Extortion

  • Fraud

  • Fake Profiles

  • Theft/Burglary

  • Identity Theft

  • Copyright Infringement

  • Bullying

  • Harassment

  • Racism

  • Other Related Issues

The Adult Industry Association (AIA) also presents an invaluable opportunity for members to access a dedicated and private social media network to help members increase their exposure, visibility, bookings, sales and income. All types of related businesses, professionals, consumers and supporters worldwide are invited to join this international adult industry association.

Our Adult Industry Goals

In conjunction with the Adult Industry Association (AIA) we are committed to the following goals which are aligned with our Agency goals, values and mission statement:

  1. Create more Work, Recruitment,  Business, Trade and Investment opportunities for AIA members and Australian Adult Businesses and Adult Entertainers.

  2. Establish a global media platform to give the Australian Adult Industry and AIA members a more powerful voice to communicate their concerns and complaints to Police, Immigration and other relevant government agencies.

  3. Establish a national (Australia) representative body to address the rights, concerns, interests and needs of AIA members.

  4. Develop and implement sustainable initiatives and solutions to improve code of conduct, working conditions, health, safety and other operating standards.

  5. Lobby effectively for change in legislation, practices and attitudes that impact negatively on AIA members, Adult Businesses and Adult Entertainers in Australia.

Why Should You Become A Member Of the Australian Adult Industry Association Chapter?

There are meany benefits to becoming a member of the Adult Industry Association including exclusive industry discounts, VIP services from Sweet Release Agency and:

  • Online complaints department to submit details of any problems experienced by members in the industry.

  • Advice and assistance with Medical, Psychological, Legal, Immigration and other related issues. 

  • Boost in exposure and visibility of your adult products, services and events.

  • Boost in sales, bookings and income.

  • More work, business and investment opportunities worldwide.

  • Direct access to a global database of business owners, professionals and consumers for networking purposes.

  • Regular updates on industry news and information.

  • Greater representation of your civil, social,  legal and human rights.

  • Advocacy to improve code of conduct and operating standards.

  • Improvement in health and safety standards.

We are incredibly excited to partner with the Adult Industry Association as the National Chapter Managers for Australia, bringing the Adult Entertainment Businesses and Talent Down-Under together with the global Adult Industry. This is an exciting time for the Adult Industry and we are humbled to be at the forefront of change for the Australian Adult Industry, says Jett Black, CEO of Sweet Release Agency


To Apply For Membership To The Adult Industry Association simply send an email to:



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