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Adult PR: 3 Tips For Maintaining Positive Brand Awareness and Positive Publicity

Finding the perfect Adult PR (Public Relations) agency for your adult entertainment career or adult business can be very overwhelming. We commonly hear from our clients the struggles they have with 'mainstream' (more commonly known as any agency that works with every other industry except the adult industry) causing damages to their online brands and reputation performance.

It is true that communication experts in Media, Marketing, Advertising and Publicity are everywhere, however there are few that understand the legalities, restrictions and policies that govern the Adult Entertainment Business Industry or who are as passionate about the industry as we are.

At Sweet Release, we have been helping Adult Businesses and Adult Entertainers reach climax for 10+ years worldwide, we live and we breathe the adult industry as the ONLY industry we provide our expertise to over 5,000 clients!

Our Adult Industry Public Relations (AdultPR) experts focus has always remained on one thing – generating positive press and media attention within the global adult industry for all types of adult businesses and adult entertainers including Dating Apps, Porn Sites, Webcam Performers, Escort Directories, Adult Performers and Entertainers as well as Sex Shops and more.

AdultPR is all about telling a narrative and with some of the best copywriting experts and story tellers in the adult industry at Sweet Release, you need us on your team.

We’ve all heard the saying ‘all publicity is good publicity’, but is it really?


Over the past few years, cancel culture has become more and more prevalent to us, especially as the adult entertainment business industry becomes more competitive, in fact we are no strangers to attracting Bad Press or Negative Attention to our Agency, created by our competitors looking to overtake us in the search results and discourage businesses from working with us.

In the wake of social media, negative press, be it aimed at an individual or a brand, could spread like wildfire (trust us when we say, we know what it feels like to cop a heatwave of negative press and attention, that is FAKE NEWS - but it still does a lot of damage).

With reputation being one of the biggest factors affecting consumer behaviour, how can bad publicity ever be good?

The world is full of businesses looking for their next big opportunity to go global.

Whilst it’s true that scandals will land your name in the press, is this really the right way to be building your brands identity? In the opinion of a trusted and experienced Adult Public Relations and Media Agency, like us at Sweet Release, it is an unnecessary risk.

Like many other businesses, you’re not alone in being concerned about the affect of negative news stories. Opening yourselves up to the press can be daunting. However, with experienced Adult PR professionals who know how to manage their own negative press and that of adult businesses and adult performers in 60+ countries worldwide, the risk of this can be reduced almost entirely.

We know how to manage BAD PRESS because we have copped it from our competitors it's not uncommon, to cop hateful stories online from those jealous of how amazing you are! You just need to know how to rise above it and use it to your advantage!


There are a number of campaigns, tactics and strategies we use at Sweet Release Agency to help our own brand and that of our Adult Business and Adult Entertainer clients avoid running into crisis to keep their press and media attention positive. We share this below:

1. Avoid Getting Unnecessarily Involved In Politics Of The Global Adult Entertainment Business Industry

Very simply, avoid getting involved in industry politics.

You need to stay out drama and not bring unnecessary attention in your direction, the same goes for your personal brand and online profiles. - not just your business brands.

Sure, this may sound trivial but believe us when we say that this is very easy to happen and in fact when we were starting out in the Adult Industry over 10+ years ago we got caught up in a few political games played by our competitors and industry personalities who wanted to take us down - mainly, they saw us as a threat (what can we say... we are good at what we do and know better!) however the best thing to do is not get involved, not to comment and lastly - not pay any attention to any of the spot fires - because they eventually put themselves out.

RUPAUL, a famous singing drag queen says " unless those bitches are paying your bills, pay those bitches no mind "- same goes for Negative PR and Adult Industry Politics, stay out of the crossfire and focus on the positives and the people in the industry who are helping you thrive!

However, If changing the perception of the adult industry is one of your key objectives, like it is for us at Sweet Release Agency, just be careful what you say and what you put online - as it does not take much for people to take what you write out of context and use it for their own self gain, to your detriment.

2. Always Apologise (ONLY - If Necessary and True)

We understand, nobody likes to admit they are wrong.

However, we cannot always be right as we are humans and sometimes, as brands, as people we do make mistakes and it is important to acknowledge we have made mistakes - sometimes publicly.

Sharing a meaningful apology can be a great way to close down a crisis before it goes public, however it is very important you do not act too quickly, otherwise a statement could come across as insincere.

Navigating the minefield that is writing a public apology, can be tricky.

3. If You Are Stuck, Work With AdultPR Professionals

Today, it is very easy to slip and trip over yourself online especially when it comes to social media, it can be hard to know what is right and what is the wrong thing to say and do online.

At Sweet Release Agency, our Adult Publicity experts have over 10+ years expertise bridging the gap between adult businesses and their customers as well as adult performers with their fans. We are very experienced and knowledgable in building brand reputations - worldwide.

If you are stuck and do not know where to start with your Digital Communications Strategy, we highly recommend you book a FREE 20 Minute Consultation Call with one of our experts today.


No business is every fully safe from Negative Press or Media Attention (a PR Crisis).

As a business owner, you automatically have to place a lot of trust in your business representatives, including your employees, your shareholders and industry partners.

One wrong move and you could find your brand being slaughtered in the press.

So, if the unthinkable does happen to you, what do you do?

Here at Sweet Release Agency we are specialists in every area of Digital and Print communication.

Whilst securing positive press and building your reputation will be our main aim, we are always on hand to help in a crisis too.

First and foremost, where necessary, we can help you write a public statement following your mishap.

With over 13 years’ experience doing this, we know all the right things to say and when the best time to share your apology is.

Additionally, we can also use our vast network to limit the spread of the negative news story, limiting the fallout across Adult Publications (Print and Digital), Adult Podcast Shows (with global audiences) as well as Adult Awards Networks Shows (ensuring you are not banned).

We’ll even work extra hard to secure additional press during these moments too, creating positive campaigns that overshadow anything that is potentially detrimental.

It’s always advisable for businesses to have a contingency plan. No matter how much you may hope a scandal doesn’t come your way, it could and it is best to be prepared for if it does.

Need help increasing sales, visibility, subscribers and media attention for your adult entertainment business?

Our experts at Sweet Release Agency are highly experienced in helping adult businesses and adult entertainers reach climax in the global adult industry. Book a FREE 20 Minute Consultation Call with one of our expert today and let's explore how we can help your business or career grow!



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