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Client Case Study: Happie Holl

HappieHoll Australia


Happie Holl, an Australian-owned business specializing in natural products for "butt-care" health, collaborated with Sweet Release Agency to enhance its visibility and sales in key markets, including the USA, Europe, and Australia. Faced with challenges in advertising effectiveness, shadow-banning on social media, and limited budgets, HappieHoll sought expert guidance to improve its digital advertising strategy and increase product sales.


  • Advertising Effectiveness: Happie Holl encountered challenges with the effectiveness of paid ads on social media and search engines, leading to limited visibility and high costs.

  • Shadow-banning on Social Media: The brand faced shadow-banning and content removal on social media platforms due to the nature of its products, hindering its reach and engagement with the target audience.

  • Limited Budget: HappieHoll operated within a limited advertising budget, requiring a cost-effective strategy to maximize ROI and increase sales.

  • Target Audience Reach: The brand aimed to increase visibility and sales among LGBTQI+ and sex-positive communities, targeting key demographics interested in digestive health and wellness products.


During the consultation call, we provided tailored recommendations to address Happie Holl's challenges and achieve its growth objectives:

  1. Paid Advertising Campaigns: We recommended leveraging paid advertising campaigns on dating applications, adult content websites, and educational resources to increase product visibility and drive sales. Platforms like Grindr, Tinder, and informational websites focusing on health and sexuality were identified as potential channels to target the desired audience effectively.

  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): We proposed an on-page website content development strategy focusing on educational resources and dietary considerations related to digestive health. By optimizing website content for relevant keywords and topics, HappieHoll could improve its search engine rankings and attract organic traffic interested in its products.

  3. Public Relations (PR) and Media Engagement: We suggested engaging with mainstream and adult-industry specific media channels, bloggers, podcasters, and event organizers to increase brand visibility and attract potential customers. Participation in adult industry trade shows and collaborations with adjacent service providers were identified as opportunities to showcase HappieHoll's products and connect with the target audience.

  4. Comprehensive Strategy Development: We proposed an initial engagement of 40 hours to develop a comprehensive strategy encompassing SEO, PR, and digital advertising specific to HappieHoll's goals and target markets. This strategy would focus on improving website visibility, generating leads, and increasing product sales through a combination of organic and paid marketing efforts.


In conclusion, Wquipped Happie Holl with a strategic roadmap to overcome advertising challenges, increase visibility, and drive sales in key markets. By implementing the recommended strategies, including targeted digital advertising, SEO optimization, and PR initiatives, HappieHoll is poised to enhance its brand presence, attract new customers, and achieve its growth objectives in the digestive health and wellness industry. With a focus on cost-effective solutions and audience engagement, HappieHoll can maximize its marketing efforts and establish itself as a leading provider of natural digestive health products worldwide.



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