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Exotic Footwear Australia In Full Strut.

Exotic Footwear Australia In Full Strut

Image Courtesy of: Exotic Footwear Australia

With over 1000 high heels, boots and alternative footwear options to discover; Andreas Mueller the founder of Exotic Footwear offers the largest range of affordable and quality footwear for purchase online distributed anywhere in Australia.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Andreas, about where the idea to launch his Online Fashion Retail business began, some industry insider tips and hints as well as where he feels the Adult Industry is heading into the future.

SRA: Andreas, tell us about Exotic Footwear Australia?

Exotic Footwear, is where Australian's can find the largest range and highest quality, durable and affordable high heel shoes, boots and alternative footwear with sizes ranging from 5-16 (US) and heel heights from 2" up to 10".

SRA: Why Shoes and How Did You Get Started In Business?

Originally starting in June 2004, while I was still attending a Fetish Fashion parade; myself and a few friends were discussing high heel shoes and how much they cost on average in retail shopfronts. I had personally been buying shoes from overseas for substantially less than what they were costing here in Australia for quite some time, which prompted the idea to start my own business, Exotic Footwear.

SRA: What Makes Exotic Footwear Different To Other Online Shoe Stores?

As a business we did not want to target the Adult Industry only, rather we wanted to make a point of inclusivity and equality. By making the point of not discriminating who our clientele would be, which has introduced us to the Trans Community, Sex Workers to Pole Dancers; to simply people wanting shoes for their Wedding.

To me and the Exotic Footwear team, it does not matter who and how our customers identify in the world; we simply want to help anyone who needs or wants a hot pair of heels or shoes for any and every occasion.

SRA: What Advice Would Exotic Footwear Give To New Businesses?

Do it your own way. Experiment. Watch your competition and do what they do differently, but always try and do it better. Never be discouraged if someone says "You Shouldn't Do That" or "You Can't Do That". Most of the time quite often than not, these people are jealous that your amazing idea is going to work and that they did not think of it first (and probably have no idea how to bring to life).

Experiment with promotion, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Be careful who you partner with in business so you don't get burned so many businesses say they understand your business, your vision and needs - but not many specialise in your exact industry. So do you research.

SRA: What Is An Important Quality For Business Owners To Have?

FLEXIBILITY. Thinking outside the box and coming up with creative solutions to problems you know your product or your service can solve.

SRA: Where Does Exotic Footwear See The Future Of The Adult Industry?

With the recent FOSTA-SESTA Legislation in the United States, it is uncertain, but it is a hurdle that will be overcome in the future I am certain of it.

Does the FOSTA-SESTA Legislation Affect Your Adult Business? Click Here

SRA: Where Can People Find Exotic Footwear Online?

Instagram: exotic_footwear_aus



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