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INSIDER: OutPlay Sex Toys

OutPlay Sex Toys

We had the pleasure of interviewing and speaking with Sex Toy Inventor, Sex Toy Engineer and Adult Pleasure Mastermind Jeff, of OutPlay Sex Toys - about the FOSTA/SESTA Legislation, Their Adult Business Story and Insider Tips For Aspiring Adult Businesses Around The World.

SRA: What Are Your Thoughts On FOSTA/SESTA Legislation?

"JEFF: I haven't read the legislation. So, my opinions are based upon what I think I know about the bills. I think we have made a terrible mistake. I think that politicians were manipulated by the suggestion that rejecting a bad law was the same as "supporting human trafficking". The whole notion is absurd. What they have actually done is driven an inevitable activity (consensual sex work) further underground and therefore increased the opportunity for criminal activity rather than reducing it. I see it as identical to our failed "war on drugs". Instead of reducing drug use or drug crime, it created powerful gangs who wield great power in the criminal world. If these politicians would look at sex work and drug use AS THEY ARE instead of how they wish them to be, they could actually make some progress. The reality is that a certain percentage of the population is going to engage in these activities regardless of the laws. Now, how do you write laws that actually benefit the citizens in light of that FACT?"

SRA: Briefly Introduce Your Business To Us:

"JEFF: We aim to disrupt the sex toy market one toy at a time. We start by evaluating the state-of-the art in the various categories. The goal is to understand the "assumptions" that everyone else considers normal or limiting. Then, we identify opportunities to "think differently". We experiment with different ideas until we come up with new and exciting products. These are just ideas, though. Only expert users can tell us which ideas are actually valuable. So, we rely heavily on our sexperts. We have built an awesome community of cam model collaborators through our Pioneer Program. Only the combination of truly unique innovations and sexpert testing can produce disruptive value. Showbunny is an example of re-defining the value metrics in the existing category of vibrators. We are also working on products that define new categories altogether. Eventually, the future promises to enable realistic remote sexual interactions that include "touch". We are making good on that promise."

OutPlay Sex Toys

SRA: How Did You Get Your Start In The Adult Industry?

"JEFF: I spent almost 30 years leading the development of advanced aircraft. I started working on military drones back in the 1980's before the public (or even the military) had a sense for what drones would eventually become. I've personally overseen the design of every element of multiple aircraft types starting from the aerodynamics and structures and integrating complex systems, electronics and software. I have also had the awesome experience of designing two completely different types of aircraft engines all the way from a "new idea" to a "flight prototype". All the while, I always had my "side project". The side project was where I allowed my creative juices to flow more freely. I see opportunities for improvement in practically everything. I also act upon them. I was working on a failing side business to improve the efficiency of outdoor landscape irrigation systems. It was (still is) a great product. But the market was not open to new ideas. About that time, a girlfriend suggested that I look at the sex toy industry as one that needs and embraces innovation. She was right. I found a new outlet for my creativity and never looked back. I have been working on disruptive sex toys full time since October 2015."

SRA: What Attracted You To Having An Adult Business?

"JEFF: I wasn't technically pursuing an Adult Business. As I started to evaluate the state of the sex toy industry and attended some trade shows, I found an industry that literally craves innovation but gets very little. I found an outlet for my skills and creativity."

SRA: What Advice Do You Have For Other Adult Businesses?

"JEFF: I would say it the same advice as any "new business". Get to know the market ecosystem VERY well. Know the players. Know the history. Most of all, don't assume that your idea is unique or valuable. Only the customers will tell you what is valuable. And, unless it is really new, odds are it has already been tried or someone else is already doing it."

SRA: What Are Your Top 3 Business Essentials That Adult Businesses Need?

"JEFF: 1. Vision: What are you trying to create? Why is it uniquely valuable? 2. Leadership: You need to work with others in the space. Leaders will prevail. The rest will follow. 3. Perseverance: No matter how good your idea or your team is, its going to be hard to compete."

OutPlay Sex Toys | Sweet Release Agency

SRA: Do You Think Sex Sells Itself, Really?

"JEFF: Nothing sells itself. Everyone is bombarded with tons of opportunities every day. Something sexy might catch someone's eye. The trick is to hold their attention."

SRA: Where Do You See The Adult Industry Heading Into The Future?

"JEFF: I think we can already see a trend that will continue. The wider availability of Adult products of all types leads to greater acceptance on a "generations" time scale. The availability of Playboy magazine and the others that followed made pornography much more accessible to my parents' generation. The availability of VHS and then DVD further expanded the influence on my generation. The internet has enabled even wider distribution of not just pornography but all types of Adult products and services. This inevitably leads to greater acceptance in society (yes, even by the hypocrits). Eventually, Adult products and services will be more "normalized". But, only on a generational time scale."




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