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INSIDER: Royal Condoms

Royal Condoms

We had the pleasure of interviewing and speaking with Neil D. Mehta the Founder and Creator of Royal Condoms about the FOSTA/SESTA Legislation, Their Adult Business Story and Insider Tips For Aspiring Adult Businesses Around The World. 

SRA: What Are Your Thoughts On FOSTA/SESTA Legislation?

"NEIL: We believe that FOSTA/SESTA was intended for good, but I don't think it was executed the right way. Through the lens of this bill, it could do more harm than good for brands and business around the adult industry."

SRA: Briefly Introduce Your Business To Us:

"NEIL: At Royal Condoms we specialized in flavored/scented and non flavored/scented luxury latex condoms. All of our products are triple tested, FDA approved, organic, and all natural. We give each user and their partner trusting protection with true-to-taste flavors and scents. We work directly with our manufacturers to make sure every condom tastes and smells like the real thing.

The Royal Condoms | Sweet Release Agency

SRA: How Did You Get Your Start

SRA: What Attracted You To Having An Adult Business?

"NEIL: Shortly after leaving college, I moved to New York City. You can just imagine the type of sexual activity that goes on there, so I had to make sure I was always ‘packing heat’ (condoms) because you never know what type of sexual encounter you could have. One night, I wasn’t ‘packing heat’ so the girl pulled out a condom that I had never tried before. It had a flavor to it, which was really exciting for both of us. My mind exploded with the possibilities of combining delicious tastes and smells with sex. Then he was pulled back into reality because the flavor on the condom didn't last long and it tasted and smelled waxy at best. Those first few minutes of the experience was worth it, but he wondered to myself, “How do you make it last and and actually taste and smell good”? After doing some market research and looking back at my own sexual experiences, I saw that there was an open opportunity to change condoms for the better. There weren't any brands that focused on engaging all your senses in the way that sex should be experienced. The best way to do that was to use condoms as the vehicle to connect your senses through your sexual experience."

SRA: What Advice Do You Have For Other Adult Businesses?

"NEIL: The best advice is to just get started. You're never going to have everything right or perfect so it's best to dive in head first and learn from the experiences of the day to day operations of a start-up business. It may sound cliché but don't be afraid to fail and here the word 'no'. Those experience should be used to push harder and want to get someone to say yes and help you succeed."

SRA: What Are Your Top 3 Business Essentials That Adult Businesses Need?

"NEIL: One would be someone who's skilled in search engine optimization (SEO). The adult industry is very niche so the volume of searches on the internet are going to be vastly different than any other industry. Having someone that can help optimize your web copy and guide you on how to get ranked on Google, etc. is key. Second, every adult business should have a good understanding of the compliance around all adult products. Condoms are FDA regulated so we needed to make sure that we had a thorough understanding of our products to apply to the FDA. Finally, every business should have a clear message and brand identity. This is very important to carve out a niche in the industry and differentiate your brand from the rest." | Sweet Release Agency

SRA: Do You Think Sex Sells Itself, Really?

"NEIL: I think it sex does sell to a certain extent but there is always a helping hand needed to break stereotypes, taboos, and stigma around sex related products. This is where having a clear brand identity helps."

SRA: Where Do You See The Adult Industry Heading Into The Future?

"NEIL: We see the adult industry growing over the next five to ten years. Where products are concerned, I think there will be a push for more innovation with technology such as virtual reality and life-like and health conscious products."





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