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Insider: Topless Services

Maxxx Models Erotic Talent Agency | Sweet Release

Topless Services provides sexy hosting, specialising in birthdays, stag and hen parties and special occasions.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Janina, the Founder of Topless Services, to find out more about the business and her passion for the Adult Industry.

SRA: Briefly Introduce Topless Services to The World, for those who don't yet know you.

Janina: Topless Services provides sexy hosting, specialising in birthdays, stag and hen parties and special occasions, we also offer sexy maids who clean across parts of Australia and Ibiza, Spain. Recently re-launching our business adding an online adult entertainment directory to our website for the men and women who like explore the more erotic side of life.

SRA: How Did You Get Started In The Adult Industry:?

Janina: Our business commenced with humble beginnings early January 2015 in Adelaide, Australia basically from seeing a gap and need in the market for sexy maids to help people within the home environment with everyday cleaning whilst having a bit of fun, lets face it no one likes cleaning so why not have a sexy maid do it for you? We rapidly expanded that year by franchising Topless Cleaning Services into most states within Australia and our services are now in Australia and Ibiza, Spain.

Topless Services | Sweet Release

SRA: What Attracted You To Having An Adult Business?

Janina: I have always been intrigued myself about this industry, it is one industry that you can learn a lot from human behaviours, we are all sexual beings. I also believe that it is a fun industry, so long as all regulations are abided by.

SRA: What Advice Would You Give To New Adult Businesses?

Janina: To ensure you always keep updated with all legislation requirements and like any business what is going on within, as the world changes rapidly.

Topless Services Australia | Sweet Release

SRA: What Are Three Things Every Adult Business Needs?

Janina: An open understanding outlook to this industry and all the people within, a Good processes within your business and a clear understanding of the industry and regulations.

SRA: Do You Think Sex Sells Itself?

Janina: Selling sex, prostitution is one of the oldest professions that we know of so based on this I would suggest that it does sell itself.

SRA: Where Do You See The Adult Industry Heading Into The Future?

Janina: We feel recently more people are open for exploration within this industry, so it is becoming quite saturated from the people using the services, the workers and the businesses, this can lead to moreopportunities.


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