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NoGrey App is bringing the kink and fetish lifestyle community together!

NoGrey Dating APplication

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with the masters and minds behind NoGrey App: afFlux (coFounder and CEO), Olive (Technical coFounder) and PrimeOrdial (coFounder Marketing and Product) for an application for smartphones bringing the kink community and fetish lifestyle community together, without the grey-areas.

"The impetus of the name came from striving to have 'no grey areas' in discussions. The primary goal of the app is to allow a very clear cut, let's say 'black and white', understanding between partners and from the outset we also wanted to restore fun to the kink community" says CoFounder & CEO of NoGrey.

Afflux therefore set out to create a very colourful visual representation of 600+ interests that are common amongst the BDSM, kink and fetish lifestyle communities; allowing users to filter their preferences and sexual fantasies to engage and connect with like-minded counterparts; overall the name of the app pokes fun at the cinematic portrayal of the movie 50 Shades Of Grey which shows a blatant disregard for the consensual nature kinks are generally explored.

NoGrey App

"We built NoGrey as a solution to drastically expedite and improve the ability to hold detailed pre-scene discussion" says Olive, Technical CoFounder.

Building NoGrey has become a mission for the founders after spending years trying to find a solution that reduced the need to struggle with multiple conversations split across SMS, various message on other platforms, phone calls and in person discussions - that may have happened weeks or months before. The solution they discovered and have since invented as a streamlined single screen called NoGrey which contains:

  • A list of activities a person may wish to explore

  • Their level of interest

  • Their level of desired participation (from watching only right through to pushing boundaries)

  • Their experience

  • Their soft and hard limits

  • What the scene should feel like

  • How they wish to be treated

All of the above is rapidly communicated with simple mobile ‘gestures’ and wrapped up with aftercare notes. The remainder of the functionality in the app is really added bonus.

NoGrey App

“We are refining a review system focused on respect which we see as another step towards improving everyone's safety, and we’ve taken the opportunity to build a community feed that supports creative and self expression unlike a lot of social platforms that seem to be closing down and tightening up on anything that hints at mature content” says Olive, Technical CoFounder.

The three founders of NoGrey App all come from diverse backgrounds and say collectively that they fell into the adult industry.

afFlux has been a proactive advocate in the sex positive space for many years, even running as a candidate in the Australia Sex Party in the 2013 federal elections. More recently she’s managed adult venues for over 4 years operating as Head Mistress for a premier dungeon in Australia before launching NoGrey.

PrimeOrdial has 14 years of experience in the scene and self confesses a main interest with rope. In 2011 he was one of two people to launch Jade Rope - his first adult business - before returning to mainstream.

Olive embraced the lifestyle 4 years ago, but recognised it as part of herself that always existed. The technical brain behind NoGrey, her fresh look at the scene is one of the key drivers making sure the App remains focused on what the community is looking for while remaining fun!

“We actually all ‘fell’ into the industry due to our love of the lifestyle. None of us set out to develop a business in the space, we’ve just pursued our passion and here we are, trying to figure out the landscape”

Somewhat surprisingly the founders of NoGrey were actually trying to focus on ‘experience’ and exploration that is not purely sexually focused. By the mere nature of ‘fetish’ they will continue development of the app that willbe intrinsically linked with sexual exploration, but a huge part of kink doesn’t by default involve sex as it is traditionally defined.

We asked the founders of NoGrey for their top three tips for adult businesses to achieve great results in the industry and they told us:

  1. A sex positive, open and inclusive attitude

  2. A focus on consent

  3. Resilience against uneducated closed minded opinions

Users of the NoGrey App are absolutely in love with the platform, referring to the user experience as “freaking amazing” and commenting how “thorough the app is creating stability and support for the kink community”.

“The release of this app marks a change so big it will alter our entire community” says a user of the NoGrey app.

NoGrey App

As the adult industry globally evolves and as mainstream society start to take a more liberal approach to aspects of the industry, we asked NoGrey what they think they future holds for the Adult Industry; here’s what they have to say:

“Sadly we believe the next few years will become increasingly difficult to express liberal thoughts and or highlight products that somehow threaten conservative norms. With any luck the arrival of more freely thinking millennial's as the primary purchasing power will see greater opportunities for discovery in the adult industry and freer expression in adult media” says NoGrey founders.

NoGrey App

NoGrey is about to enter phase 2 of the build for the application as of June 2019. There are seven really exciting features that will be released as we roll out phase 2.  Another groundbreaking unique capability and a number of improvements that will see group interaction and events become a central part of the app’s social side.


NoGrey recently won the “Best New Product” at the Australian Adult Industry Awards 2018


Connect with NoGrey app and download the application on the following links below:



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