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Swingers have a new place to call home, ModernLifestylers.


ModernLifestylers is a Social Space for Sexy People. For all identities and preferences. Exhibitionists, Voyeurs, Flirts, Swingers, Polys, everyone who celebrates sex and sensuality.

A sexy Facebook if you will.

You get to create a profile, post saucy pics if you wish and meet like minded people. A space where it is safe to be free and rock who you really are.

We had the pleasure of speaking with the ‘Boss-Bitch’ herself of ModernLifestylers, Jackie about how her idea for bringing swingers together transformed into a positive community website where the celebration of sex and sexuality is encouraged.


Q. Where did the name ModernLifestylers originate?

I was out with my love and some friends of ours. We were discussing the Lifestyle and how much it has changed over the years. (They have been in the Lifestyle way longer than we have). And because we were newer to the Lifestyle, we called ourselves Modern Lifestylers and it stuck.

The tag line is a better story.

It was going to be 'The new generations of Swingers' until we went to Temptation Resort. This is a topless resort, not a 'have sex anywhere' swingers resort and It was absolutely packed with people! Not with Swingers necessarily, but what I now call 'Sexy People'.

People who celebrate sex and sensuality how ever they identify as, or have preference to, regardless of size ethnicity etc.. The resort was filled with Exhibitionists who love to be watched and admired in their sexy outfits and thong bikinis. Voyeurs who got off on watching the exhibitionists and flirts who like to entice strangers.

I thought to myself, where do these people fit? That is when I wanted the website to be for everyone who celebrated sex and sexuality...

Not just “swingers” and then the tag line “A social space for sexy people” was created.

Q. Tell Us Your Personal Business Story, How Did You Get Started?

In my past I was slut shamed by a ‘significant other’ for simply wanting. After some time, I found

myself shrinking under this opinion and I became small. There must have been a small spark of me still there because I pick myself up and I left that toxic relationship.

Shortly thereafter, I found the love of my life on-line. Sexy, strapping, funny and the nicest person I have ever met. To be told that I was sexy and delicious was difficult to hear at the beginning of our relationship but noW, thanks to a lot of love from my husband.... I'm back.

Now that we are in the Lifestyle, I feel safe, secure and celebrated! It didn’t happen overnight, but experience after experience I grew back to the sexy woman I was and the woman I was put on this earth to be, the powerful, sexy woman that I am today.

If I can change one person's view in the mirror, I will consider that success. As a woman in the Lifestyle, the gift that I have been awarded is empowerment and I feel sexy again.

I’m proud to have started Modern Llifestyles.

Q. What do you love about Sex and identifying with the swingers community?

I love sex, I love how it feels, I love how it looks and I love it's essence. I have lots of sexy friends, not just swingers. For me I like to be authentic when I am with people. When I am with sexy people I can be free to be myself. We are able to have candid and honest conversations about anything. I adore people that just rock what they love and who they are!

Q. What are the key tips you have to share with couples or singles out there who are considering opening up their relationship or experiencing the lifestyle?

Word to the wise, the Lifestyle is not a way to 'save' a relationship. A couple needs to be rock solid together to enjoy consensual non-monogamy. A single person needs to be very respectful and rock solid about their desires and boundaries.

Communication. Consent. Respect. Repeat.

You must go into the Lifestyle with specific intentions. What do you want out of the experience? What are your fantasies? What are you willing to try and what are you not willing to do? And know that you have the right to change your mind. (Any changes to a boundary need to be communicated with all parties). Chose a safe word or a gesture that means, I'm done, let's go.

It's a great idea to debrief after each experience with your partner or a friend. We recall what was hot, and what was not. At the end of it all, nothing is better than the partner you have.

Q. Do You Think Sex Sells Itself?

Nothing sells itself in our world anymore but sex is something that most the people on the earth, love.

Voyeurism is so hot.

Watching a dancer take off their clothes, someone getting fucked well, pictures of beautiful people in sexy clothes... We all like to watch.

Q. Where Do You See The Adult Industry Going Into The Future?

Sex work is the oldest profession in the world. It will never go away, thankfully :).

My hopes for the future is that whomever is working in the Industry will be revered and not judged poorly by others.

Younger people are more open minded now so my hopes is that they will bring forward a more inclusive and respectful attitude towards the Industry.

Q. Jackie tell us about some of the sexy features of your swingers platform?

We are adding new features all of the time but one of my favorite features is our Travel Group section.

So many people 'go away' to have sexy fun and as such, resorts are popping up everywhere to accommodate this need.

When you are away and allow yourself to be free, you meet some of the best people from all over the world. We created this section so people can keep in touch, share pictures from the vacations (and not go to FB/IG jail).

We are a Canadian Company and not affected by the ridiculous FOSTA SESTA bills that the US put in place last year.

So people are free to be who they are and post what ever they feel comfortable sharing on the site (except if it is illegal or violent).

Q. Jackie any success stories or recent highlights you want to share?

The day we welcomed our first member who identified as Trans was a celebration!

So happy to included all Sexy People.

Q. Finally, any exciting news or trends you are noticing worth a mention?

There are so many amazing events across the world that service people in both the industry and the Lifestyle. We are welcoming listing for these events in out event section.

As for trends.... Polyamory is trending. I love it!

People in the Lifestyle are craving a deeper connection with the people they play with.

I/We are Poly.

I prefer to know and like the people we play with and play with them frequently as friends. The days of the 'Key Party' are gone (thankfully), the Lifestyle has evolved.

Our platform is different. It looks Modern, it's a fresh approach for connecting online and we want all sexy people there. It truly is an all inclusive space for anyone who identifies as a sexy person.









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