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Why Big Brands Are Choosing Smaller Agencies

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Bigger isn’t always better.

In a world where rapid change is the new norm, bigger brands are seeking out smaller agencies that have the agility to keep up. This shift in thinking gives brands access to nimble creative teams that counteract their large and slow-moving business models.

Intentionally small, at Sweet Release Agency we have watched this trend take shape over the last few years, but it’s only now that the rest of the industry has started talking about it.

Mumbrella declared that 2016 is the year that big brands start exploring how they can work with smaller agencies, and AdNews has acknowledged that equating size with safety is a naive way of thinking. While it’s easy to assume that price is a driving factor behind the decision to go small, many brands are thinking beyond budget.



Smaller agencies like Sweet Release Agency may well be cheaper, but our focus on speed and innovation keeps brands like yours competitive.


Here are the top reasons why big brands are choosing smaller agencies:

1. Forward-Thinking Ideas

We believe that if you aren’t changing, you aren’t moving forward. By staying small, agencies like us can implement new ideas and services faster than our larger multi-award winning (extremely overwhelmed and more expensive) counterparts.

As a boutique agency, at Sweet Release we have the ability to drop redundant services with ease, which means you won’t be sold something that will benefit us and our bottom-line and not you. Our updated service packages make it easier to implement new ideas that will place you ahead of the pack.

2. Scalable and Specialised Services

A lean workforce does not mean you won’t get the right people working on your project. In fact, smaller agencies exist within a network of specialised professionals who can be mobilised when needed.

What does this mean for you? Well... this means you gain access to a pool of skilled people (who can be hand-picked for your project), without paying for the maintenance of specialist business departments.

3. Commercial Insight and Exposure

Love working with the rising star at your agency? Chances are they’ll be doing their own thing soon enough. Many small agencies (just like Sweet Release Agency) are started by experienced industry experts and specialists who do things differently.

As a result, clients receive advice that is informed by commercial insight and in-depth knowledge of what works and what does not. And once work starts, your project is handled by these same high-level professionals.

4. Entrepreneurial Spirit and Focus

One of the most common concerns we hear from larger companies is the lack of entrepreneurial spirit within big business culture. At Sweet Release Agency, being a small and viable agency requires our team to be smart thinking and we pass this energy and enthusiasm along to you.

We are always asking why and seeing problems as opportunities, you'll often hear us say "not a challenge" because we do not believe in problems. We challenge you to think bigger and bolder. If you want to take risks, we are up for it, but we also know when to play it safe.

5. Wham Bam, Faster Results

Bigger organisations come with more layers. This slows down approvals, processes and the overall completion of your project.

YAWN... If you are employed by a large organisation, you already know how this works and it’s unlikely you want to partner up with another business that has the same stifling bureaucratic processes.

The good news is that creative vision does not hinge on size. Small, agile agencies just like Sweet Release Agency, look for talent that can relate to your perspective and this means we are able to get the work done a whole lot faster.

6. Awards ShaMawds... Who Cares?

Who does not love a big, hard, solid, throbbing... trophy. Yes, a round of standing ovations and a resounding applause from peers feels great but the real buzz in our line of work is finding great solutions and seeing our clients reach climax!

At Sweet Release, we are not driven by accolades, we are driven by our purpose to create amazing work that helps our clients reach climax and experience the satisfaction they deserve.

We are more interested in becoming an effective extension of your business rather than pursuing work that will win us the next award. This approach pushes the creative boundaries and gets better results for our team, our agency and you.



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