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6 Sex Myths Busted For Your Enjoyment

6 Sex Myths Busted For Your Enjoyment

Are you struggling separating fact from fiction? Do you want to live your best sex life?

If you answered YES... you are not alone! There is so. much information on sexuality, sex advice writers and so-called sexperts bragging about things that most likely you have found confronting or have scared you from having the best sex of your life.

Today we are going to bust 6 Myths so you can enjoy sex again!

#1. Sex Lasts 30 Minutes Or Less.

We have put this to the test (and done some research as well).

It has been statistically proven that sex lasts around 11 minutes. If you are lasting around 2 minutes you might have some premature problems you need to address and if you are lasting 10 minutes (or more, you Casanova!) you are perfectly normal. So stop stressing that you can't last as long as they do in the porn you've been watching (despite what it looks like, they filmed for three hours to get 30 minutes worth of video for you!).

Haha! It's funny that people think sex will last longer than 30 minutes, especially if they are trying to outdo adult film they have been watching. I remember filming for three hours once, just to get 30 minutes worth of content. We started and stopped quite a few times and it was hard staying "hard" for so long, says Jett Black - CEO of Sweet Release Agency

#2. Men Have Sex Crazed Minds.

FALSE. When people are suffering emotional stress, mental health issues or are just tired, stressed, pre-occupied with life in general, or suffer from depression or a low self esteem, they will retreat and have a less desire to be intimate.

Gender has nothing to do with sex crazed minds.

When I am stressed out or have had a really long day in the office, the last thing I want is sex. I am sure many men feel the same way, says Shawn Ryan - Digital Media Producer at Sweet Release Agency

#3. Bigger C#%KS Are Better.

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. It's all about how you use it.

Porn has led many people to believe that if a woman does not squirt she is faking her orgasm (or did not even have one) and if a man does not have a. cock the size and width of a Foxtel Remote or a Wine Bottle, that they do not have a big enough cock for action!

Spice up your love making with some wild moves and stop measuring your girth, length, depth or whatever else you are fixated on because of the porn you've been watching. The reality is these actors you have fallen in love with watching, are a special breed of people and got lucky!

#4. Only Men Watch Porn.


Research shows us that more than 50% of women in Australia alone, watch porn every year. With a variety of porn available online women are tuning into adult movies just as much as men.

When it comes to porn, there is something for everyone!

#5. No Chance Of Pregnancy On Your Period.


better safer than sorry or you might end up with a miraculous conception?

Sperm can survive inside a woman for almost a week.

#6. Touching Yourself Will Cause "It" To Fall Off.

Whoever told people that masturbation is bad for you, is a complete idiot.

You will not go blind.

You will not suffer sexual dysfunction.

Masturbation is not bad.

Masturbation is not shameful.

Some people masturbate a lot and some people hardly touch themselves. The truth is that self-love is. good for your health, self-esteem and actually is scientifically proven to lower your blood pressure and stress levels.

So... if it makes you happy, masturbate on your own or with your loved one (or in a group?) some people actually enjoy watching their lovers get off in front of them.


Don't believe everything you read on the internet. What other myths have you. read or. come across? What is something your parents told you? Share with us:



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