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Client Case Study: FLAIMED Dating App

FLAIMED Dating Application


FLAIMED, a cutting-edge dating application, collaborated with Sweet Release Agency to strategize and execute its launch and growth initiatives. With a focus on the UK market initially, FLAIMED aimed to disrupt the dating app landscape with unique features such as matchmaking, travel buddies, and country-specific ambassadors. The app sought to leverage Sweet Release Agency's expertise in digital advertising, public relations, and community building to achieve its objectives.


  1. Launch and Growth Strategy: FLAIMED aimed to create a significant impact in the UK, Dubai, and South Korea markets before pivoting to Australia and New Zealand. The app sought to generate buzz and attract users through strategic digital advertising and publicity campaigns.

  2. Community Engagement: With a focus on building a vibrant community and generating additional revenue through live in-person events, FLAIMED aimed to foster user engagement and loyalty beyond the digital realm.

  3. Unique Features: FLAIMED's unique features, including matchmaking and travel buddies, required targeted marketing strategies to resonate with its target audience while navigating legal restrictions and cultural sensitivities.


During the consultation call, we delved into a comprehensive discussion with the CEO and creator of FLAIMED, outlining tailored recommendations to address their challenges and achieve their objectives:

  • Digital Advertising Management: We proposed a full-service digital advertising management approach to drive user acquisition and engagement. This included developing a comprehensive digital advertising strategy, creating compelling content, and managing advertising channel placements and budget optimization. Special emphasis was placed on negotiating media opportunities with mainstream and adult-industry specific channels to maximize reach and impact.

  • Public Relations Management: We outlined a strategic public relations plan focused on generating buzz and credibility for FLAIMED through press releases, award show applications, and endorsements. This involved targeting mainstream and adult industry media outlets, securing sponsorships at industry events, and leveraging influencer endorsements to amplify brand visibility and credibility.

  • Community Building and Event Management: Recognizing the importance of community engagement and live events, we recommended developing a phased approach to community building, including international growth initiatives and talent management strategies. This involved identifying key ambassadors and influencers, organizing live events such as matchmaking and speed date functions, and connecting with talent agencies to foster user connections and interactions.


In conclusion, we equipped FLAIMED with a strategic roadmap for successful launch and growth within the competitive dating app market. By implementing the recommended digital advertising, public relations, and community building initiatives, FLAIMED is well-positioned to achieve its objectives of disrupting the dating landscape and building a vibrant user community across multiple markets. With a focus on strategic planning, targeted marketing, and community engagement, FLAIMED is poised for success in achieving its growth and expansion goals.



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