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How To: Choose The Right Escort Agency

A question we are commonly asked by Independent Escorts is "How do I choose the right escort agency for me?".

If you are considering Escort Agency Representation please read on as we share our quick tips (that we have stumbled across online and compiled along with insight from fellows in the industry) on how to choose the right Escort Agency for your independent escorting career, wherever you are in the world; as well as some of the questions to ask at your interview.

"Being an independent escort can be a challenging experience for any escort, regardless of gender or sexuality. It is very important to understand not all agencies are what they say they are, some are great and some may take advantage of you" says Jett Black, Escort and CEO of Sweet Release.

Like any industry, there are good, bad and down right ugly businesses out there and the Adult Industry is no different (in our experience at Sweet Release, it can be one of the most challenging and dangerous to navigate - but the most rewarding if you find where you fit fast!).

Over 10 years experience in the Adult Industry has taught us that some Escort Agencies, Brothels and Directories are set up with the sole purpose of cheating escorts out of money or flying you interstate and leaving you stranded with a fake booking or lining the pockets of the agency owner deeper and wider then they are willing to support the independent sex worker.

We have heard it all. Seen it all. We have even experienced it first-hand!

One of the most common issues we have been informed about is the bullshit request of Brothels and Escort Agencies that are requiring Sex Workers to undertake "Auditions" or "Training" to become the best sex worker for their Brothel or Agency, this has been specifically increasing for Dominatrix Sex Workers and BDSM Adult Service providers in Melbourne, Brisbane and United Kingdom.

There is also plenty of sweet Escort Agencies and Escort Directories where Independent Sex Workers and Escorts are treated with respect, mentored and guided to making a great income without the hassles of being left to work it out for themselves by sinking into the side walk.

Lilly Deeva Independent Escort Australia
Lilly Deeva Independent Escort Australia

"A reputable Escort Agency will commonly ask to meet you for an interview so you can suss them out and they can suss you out and see what you are all about. IF the interviewer looks like they are 'on-it', drunk or lying - walk out the door IMMEDIATELY! says Lilly Deeva; Independent Sex Worker Tasmania

Answers you receive at your interview, will help you determine if the escort agency’s you’ve met with is going to treat you with the respect you deserve.

Ask questions at your interview; consider going with a list so you don’t forget anything important to you, here’s our quick Escort Agency Checklist and some advice shared by some escorts in the industry to help you make the right decisions:

Q1. How Much Will I Be Paid?

Some of the most exciting ads you will come across online are the ones that say you can earn $25K+ every month working as an escort with a particular agency; BUT - this is not very likely and we will tell you why...

Escorting is not a get rich quick scheme, you have to work at it

It is important that you ask about set rates the Escort Agency or Brothel is charging and if you can choose your own rates for Extras and Other Services. Always ask what fees are charged by the agency and how the agency is paid by clients.

Q2. How Will You Be Paying Me?

Ask the Bordello Manager about payment methods; if they take the money and pay you then it’s probably best to walk away – You may never see the money you have earned on that shift.

If the agency takes credit cards then ask how you will receive the money and how long it takes for you to receive the funds.  Also ask what happens with any chargebacks (if a charge is cancelled by the card owner or the bank cancels the transaction as the card is stolen).

Some Agencies charge clients upfront and in that cost is the Agency Fee and your fee for the hour or the time you have been booked for, ask if you can be paid before entering the private rooms at the Brothel - so you are always paid upfront in advance. Some escort agencies and brothels will be happy to do this as they get to know you, but NEVER be pressured to work for free.

Q3. Are There Any Costs You Need To Pay?

All Escort Agencies have different guidelines for the things that an Independent Escort will need to pay for themselves. Escort Agencies and Brothels do not provide you with the clothing you will wear during your booking, so you will need your own clothes and shoes.

Daliah Amor, Independent Escort, Porn Star Australia
Daliah Amor, Independent Escort, Porn Star Australia

"It is not uncommon for Agencies to ask you to wear high end or very expensive designer clothing, lingerie and shoes. Some may even expect you to pay for your own marketing and ads on top of the agency fees" says Daliah Amor, Ambassador of Sweet Release, Sex Worker Melbourne and Adult Porn Star

Another question to ask is if you will be paying for your own transport for Out-Calls or if the client pays for this and you are reimbursed, or perhaps the Escort Agency provides you with a private driver. It is important to ask everything that relates to In-Calls and Out-Calls so you know where you stand and how safe and respected you will be by the Escort Agency management.

NEVER BE SCAMMED: Contract Writing or other charges relating to escorting is not a legal requirement for escorts to pay for. So... don't do it!

Q4. Can You Use Your Own Ads and Work With Other Escort Agencies and Directories?

Don't expect to walk into a Brothel and not be told that you have to be exclusive. Some escort agencies and directory services will request you be exclusive. If you previously worked privately you may be asked to refer your private clients to the agency.

As an Escort part of an Industry that is very well connected and relies on Honesty, Be honest with the Brothel Managers. if you are advertising anywhere, on other agencies, sugar daddy sites etc; tell them. A lot of agencies have price guarantees so clients will point out ads to get better rates. But it's important to keep in mind that it's better to be in more places then just one, so you can increase your exposure online.

If you feel you are getting limited exposure or not enough clients, consider moving on.

Q5. Does The Agency Have A Regular and Reliable Client Base?

If an agency tells you they have more clients than anyone else, their girls are all booked out all day every day and in desperate need of good escorts be careful.

This is a tried and true scam.

A well-managed reputable agency will have regular clients but nobody can predict how a new girl will be received.  An experienced agency may have an idea if their regular clients may enjoy your company but there is no guarantee.

Q6. How Are Escort Schedules Managed and Supported By The Escort Agency?

When it comes to managing schedules as to maximise the amount of escorts available for clients at an Escort Agency, they all handle scheduling differently. Some agencies have set shift hours, set number of shifts or a Roster you must adhere too and some will allow a lot of flexibility.

Time off to recharge is important but some agencies simply don’t care.

It is important to ask the Escort Agency how much notice you will be provided for each booking, after all looking your best for a client is important and last minute bookings happen in this industry. Ask the brothel managers about any types of allowances or if you will get in trouble if you are unable to commit to a last-minute booking or are not available at the last minute.


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