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Sweet Exposé: Exotic Angels

Exotic Angels celebrates and showcases the very best Adult Entertainers and Showgirls in Australia and overseas offering performers a professional photo shoot to feature in one of the Best Selling Erotic Calendars in Australia!

Jim Lagerstedt who has been named Promoter Of The Decade in Las Vegas; started Exotic Angels over 20 years ago to search for the hottest and best showgirls in Australia and overseas. The annual search culminates in a spectacular grand finale which coincides with each performer participating in a professional photo shoot for the best selling Exotic Angels Nude Wall Calendar.

...We started off by running bikini model competitions in nightclubs and venues around the country. Then we discovered the sensational talent that was on display at gentlemen clubs in the form of showgirls and feature performers. We decided that this talent has to be showcased in a never before seen way and this lead to the birth of Exotic Angels twenty years ago.

The proliferation of Adult Media and Adult Content around the world always falls prey to some mainstream scrutiny and bureaucracy that makes it difficult for Adult Photography and Videography as well as Female Showgirls and Models to be featured, respected and embraced by the general community, as a result of media restrictions and advertising laws that continue to change - censoring the industry and the people who make this industry one of the best in the world.

...Non acceptance in main stream media and difficulties getting our calendars distributed. However, hard work and persistence has overcome many of these hurdles. It simply comes down to information and education. We need to get attitudes to change and the only way this is going to happen is by dragging the adult industry out from behind closed doors and secrecy.

2020, has seen Corona-Virus greatly affect the Adult Entertainment Industry around the world and this has also impacted Exotic Angels this year with their annual Calendar Model Search and National Final Awards Show; forcing closure of both events this year.

But in the face of disaster, rises some of the very best in the Australian Adult Business and Adult Entertainment industry including Exotic Angels who have won numerous awards over the years but having Australia's best selling wall calendar is one of their finest achievements.

...The Adult Industry is extremely important in so many ways - not only does it employ thousands of people around the country (and the world) but it also provides opportunities for many people to interact and have fun as consenting adults.

The Adult Industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world growing faster than any other industry including the Hospitality and Commercial Retail sector globally. In conversation with Jim the founder of Exotic Angels, it was humbling to hear his response to when their first ever national final was announced and was happening right before his eyes...

we also discovered he had an exciting career path very different to the adult sector; that also turned out successful and positively impacted the world.

...We had to pick up our jaws from the floor after watching our first group of sensational performers do their stage shows.

It looks as though his humility, commitment and genuine passion for the Adult Entertainment Industry has seen Jim and his business Exotic Angels go from strength to strength with not only an award winning reputation; but also a respected national calendar (that is too hot to handle!) and a completely unique concept which incorporates a model search with a strong emphasis on the talent and performance side - making it much more than just a run of the mill beauty pageant.

My advice to any business or entertainer in the Adult Industry is to make a plan and follow it. Set long term and short term goals but allow yourself to be flexible when circumstances dictate. Recognise your strengths and weaknesses and work hard on removing any perceived weaknesses. Try to find one or more mentors is always a good start too.

It is inspiring to learn that in the face of disaster, businesses and people within the Adult Industry continue to adapt and learn how to grow their businesses; driven by their passion to help others enjoy the best pleasures possible in life as well as support the industry they are part of just like Jim and his fabulous brand Exotic Angels.

Exotic Angels has continued to maintain a positive track record for providing the best platform for entertainers to showcase themselves and their careers; be featured in the best exotic wall calendar in Australia and continue to showcase over 200 stunning and talented Australian and international performers in print over the past 20 years!

We are excited to bring out our 20th Anniversary Exotic Angels Nude Calendar for 2021. It will be a "best of" edition featuring the most popular and highly requested showgirls from the past 20 years!

At Sweet Release Agency we work with 517 porn stars, independent escorts and cam performers as well as 83 sex positive and adult industry press in 110 countries on their Marketing, Publicity, Content Creation and Advertising.

It is inspiring to learn that in the face of disaster, Adult Entertainers and Adult Businesses just like (Exotic Angels) continue to adapt and learn how to grow their businesses; driven by their passion to showcase the very best talent of the Adult Entertainment Industry.


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