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Sweet Exposé: Fantasy Entertainment

Fantasy Entertainment Australia was first established in 2017 by Chad Satchell, who has been in the adult entertainment industry for over 11 years entertaining the ladies at hen’s parties, birthday celebrations, and more Australia-wide.

11 years and 4 months ago (today), Chad's career in Adult Entertainment began having been approached by an Adult Entertainment Company on Facebook looking for Sexy Men with a glistening smile in Perth, who could satisfy the ladies as a Topless Waiter for their events. Chad openly admits that although he was naive if it meant he could make more money he was always the first to put his hand up; just goes to show how eager he was to get his kit off right? *Wink*

...I was 18 years old at the time and my first job was my year 7 Japanese teachers Hens party, and oh boy did we have a blast of a night ha ha,after that I did topless catering every second saturday night for 4 years in a row!

While the wheels were fast in motion, Chad knew he was destined for more and after several events under his belt, he was approached by another company to learn the art of choreographed dancing and continued to perform in Nightclubs around Perth with 100-550 women per night every weekend; which soon lead to the SEXPO stage for 3,500 people 2 years in a row.

...if you laugh, cheer, get aroused, feel my energy and our eyes connect within any of my performances - then my job is done.

So, it just goes to show that passion, perseverance, a lot of topless nights and being hard at work and hitting the gym hard every day pays off in the Adult Industry; without ever having to throw someone a fuck for a dollar. Entertainment in the Adult Industry is more than escorting and it's great to see hard-working men like Chad and his boys out there doing what they love!

From years of hard work, a lot of action more than empty words and listening to his audiences desires; Chad Satchell launched Fantasy Entertainment Australia, crafting an environment where women can feel comfortable, empowered and satisfied on an unforgettable night out filled with the hottest Men for their ultimate fantasy.

...My goal and vision for Fantasy Entertainment Australia are to provide a swift and suave professional service at your special event and ensure your fantasies are all brought to fruition by our lovely charming gentlemen.

Chad's vision for Fantasy Entertainment Australia is to provide variety at every show ensuring that no matter what lights your fire within, they provide the spiciest male strippers in the country, coupled with his professionalism and transparency, giving ladies exactly what they want.

"Mr Fantasy" has appeared on Hit 92.9 FM Radio Breakfast Show with Heidi Xavier and Ryan; after performing topless waitering and his duo fantasy strip routine for Heidi's Hens Night.

...This was a massive achievement for myself and seeing all the ladies and guests across all our events smile and enjoy the service we provide is a massive achievement for the boys!

Fantasy Entertainment Australia had been asked to headline SEXPO Perth 2020 however due to Covid-19 the sex positive and lifestyle expo was cancelled, so we will just have to wait and see if they will blow the minds of the ladies and take to the stage in 2021.

...When covid19 hit, our entertainment industry suffered a lot, so did my business; we may have lost our chance to shine at Sexpo Perth this year, but we've been using this time wisely to come up with a new business strategy which I will be cultivating into my website in the coming weeks ahead. Some people have seen Covid-19 as a loss but I have seen this as an opportunity to thrive and come back bigger and stronger with even more knowledge to tackle problems to make it a completely stress-free fun night for everyone. My Advice to other businesses in the entertainment industry would to think outside the box to see how you could improve your business and make your audience or customers even happier (especially during a Pandemic!).

The giving nature of Mr Fantasy and his team of ripped Male Strippers in Perth goes far beyond their lively and erotic routines and commitment to providing 100% satisfaction in their performances, they give back to the community through raising funds.

One of my gentleman and I donated our time and service to a lady that was raising money for her mum's brain cancer operation, we raised $1700 for a night out in Perth. All the ladies had a fantastic night and the daughter and mother were forever grateful for our time; being able to raise money to help this lady and potentially survive her operation just made our hearts melt and meant the world to us.

The Adult Industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world growing faster than any other industry including the Hospitality and Commercial Retail sector globally. In conversation with Mr Fantasy, the founder of Fantasy Entertainment Australia we were lucky to get some insight from his perspective on how the world may be able to open their minds to our industry.

...I recommend that people appreciate the adult industry and the many forms of entertainment within it as a fine art that cultivates and brings people together to enjoy and admire and have a good time. It's always best to be open minded.

At Sweet Release Agency we work with 618 adult entertainers including Strippers, Escorts and Porn Stars in 110 countries on their SEO, Digital Marketing, Publicity, Social Media Marketing and Advertising.

We always like to find out the hottest gossip or funniest moment in every Adult Business and when it comes to Male Strippers there is always one memory that sticks, especially when the clothes come off there can be some embarrassing stark-naked reveals, so of course we asked!

...haha! Well two moments stick out in my mind, When BIG JEZ popped the party popper the wrong way on Heidi's lap and it exploded everywhere and hit his balls it was so hilarious Heidie mentioned it on the radio for the whole of Perth to hear - and - when Mr Fantasy walks into a a party of 50 woman he goes to say hello to everyone and someone from behind double dacks him and his cock pretty much said hello to the 50 women at the party; so what a intro-dick-sion that was :)

The Adult Entertainment Business Industry continues to be misrepresented in the mainstream press and while the industry is aware of this ongoing dilemma, many do not realize that within the adult industry community itself - there is also disconnection and disrespect that segregates and divides the many amazing adult businesses and adult entertainers that make this industry one of the best in the world. We asked Mr Fantasy to comment on this topic and share his thoughts...

...personally feel the industry is very ego driven. A lot of people love the title and think there company is better then others . If people could drop the ego and have mutual respect for the passion and performances they do the industry would be way better off , connecting with one another is the way to go. Being money hungry isolates you and its hard to expand if you have a 1 dimensional view on success and relationships.

Fantasy Entertainment Australia is a thriving all-male revue in Perth, Western Australia and if you have not checked them out already; we highly recommend you see for yourself why these boys are in demand for all types of events across Australia - and keep your eyes out for some of the exciting news and entertainment opportunities coming soon to their website.


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