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How To Define Your Target Audience In The Adult Industry

Define Your Target Audience in The Adult Industry

The Adult Industry is extremely competitive and if you think everyone is your customer, you might want to think again!

With so many companies, individuals and brands working hard to secure and please clients around the world - none of them can afford to go into business with the attitude of targeting everyone! It is vital that any company or individual has lined out who their target audience is, once this is outlined it will become a lot easier to create effective Adult Industry Marketing and Adult Industry Public Relations and Adult Content material.

Here at Sweet Release, an adult entertainment business marketing and PR agency our team live and breath the Adult Industry. As Industry-Peers we truly understand the importance of knowing your target audience. With the target audience outlined, even the smallest company or individual can compete with the big brands and names in the adult entertainment industry.

Here are some of our top tips when trying to identify your target audience:

1. Get To Know Your Competition

No doubt when you start your adult industry business you would have checked out who the competition is. It is a good idea when investigating the competition to dive a bit deeper.

Start looking at who the competition is targeting as this can reveal what adult industry marketing techniques they are using to attract them. Try not to go for the same audience, instead have a look at a target audience niche connected to the service or products.

2. Understand Your Ideal Customers

One of the most important factors to consider is not only who has a need or want for your products or services, but also who is most likely to pay for them.

Try to think about the following factors:

  • Location

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Income

  • Marital and family status

  • Occupation

  • Ethnic background

The benefits of Adult Search Engine Optimisation speak for themselves:

  • Increase website traffic (which results in more subscriptions and more sales!)

  • Give your brand higher credibility (people trust search engines like Google)

  • Grow brand awareness (come up more frequently for relevant search results)

3. Understand The Psychology Of Customers

Once your demographics are lined out you should look into more personal characteristics of the prospects, such as:

  • Values

  • Interests

  • Lifestyle

  • Behaviour

Looking further into these factors will determine how best to approach your target audience with your adult industry marketing campaigns and can even help you figure out what platforms will be most effective, along with the best times to post content online or on social media.

If you would like more help trying to reach and engage with your target audience, contact our team today at Adult PR, adult marketing agency, on 01621 927010.


If you would like more help trying to reach and engage with your target audience, contact our team today


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