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How To Find Relevant Backlinks In the Adult Industry

How To Find Relevant Backlinks In The Adult Industry

Search Engine Optimisation is 50% really strong on website design and overall website technical excellence and 50% backlink authority and relevant offsite work.

Any agency can do "onsite" work, that is pretty straightforward and easy peasy lemon squeezy. Most SEO specialists can do a competent onsite implementation, but the real skill is in Backlinks - this is where you know who's got the "balls" in the marketing industry to go above and beyond pure on-site value.

It's a known fact that the adult niche is one of the hardest industries to get backlinks. Because let's face it, who really wants to admit to having sex after 5:00pm on a work day, on their lunch breaks and having a quickie on their smoke break - okay... I plead guilty!

Finding any other business in any other industry to backlink an Adult Website who is talking about Porn, the latest Dildo or Orgasmic Sex Position, will turn a blind eye and shudder at the idea of putting such HOT (or in their eyes depraved) content in front of their readers.

The best place to get relevant backlinks is other adult niche sites, however our industry is competitive and fickle, we aren't ashamed to admit that because it's true, we also won't lie and say getting backlinks is an easy task for us either.

Just like an escort wins over a client with a mutual benefit, fellow Adult Industry businesses and personnel will be more willing to scratch your itch, if you help them scratch theirs. It's all about the benefit for them as much as it is for you.

Some links are easily obtained. Social sites, forum profiles, blog commenting and all those things that worked so well a few years ago are now essentially in one of two categories: completely useless/possibly spam or relevant and on-topic.

We know how to obtain these easy links and do so when necessary.

The next type of links we go after are generic links. These are links that will work for any industry. Our extensive experience helps with these links as we’ve been using some of them for 10 years with a diverse array of clients (even those outside the Adult Industry on a global scale). Directories are a good example – at least the ones that allow adult niche sites.

Private blog networks (PBNs) are frowned on by Google but work very, very well in the adult industry. They’re a fact of life for those who want to rank high competition key-phrases. There’s an element of risk in these links but there is an element of risk in not building them as well because you may never rank and lose your chance to gain traffic and revenue.

The best backlinks are niche-specific links on relevant, related websites. How do you obtain these diamonds in a world of red lights and rhinestones?

Some are from your almost-competitors … in the traditional wedding industry this would be limo drivers building links to photographers or photographers building links to DJs. In the adult industry it may mean a sex toy shop linking to videos and the video site linking to related porn-star websites.



any connection you have in the Adult Industry should be explored for potential connections and opportunities to work together. Near-competitors are also your best chance of survival in a very competitive industry.


Backlinks are a fact of life for any Marketing Agency supporting the Adult Industry in a Digital World, especially when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation.

The best ones earn them with content and things like guest blog posts and sharing content or tools with others. That is a very limited area in the adult world and while those links should definitely be chased, the main rewards are in building the best links you can in a very limited world.

At Sweet Release, we put a lot of effort into competitor research, backlink discovery and building the strongest possible adult network so we can find all the possible opportunities to help your Australian Adult Business reach climax.



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