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Sweet Exposé:

Realistic Enterprises LLC; dba is one of the newest and hottest adult sex toy stores. Early days saw dildos introduced as their primary product, but today they stock over 16,000 high quality sex toys for everyone.

Michael. S. started over 12 months ago; discovering that Online Retail was fast becoming popular so as an entrepreneur he wanted to create an awesome website and sell the most popular products in the world...Sex Toys!

Positioning themselves as a thought leader in the Realistic Dildo niche; you will find information and tips on how to get the most out of your Dildo and sexual exploration whether you are male or female the team at Realistic Dildo do not discriminate and welcome everyone.

...Trying to compete in this industry is very competitive. I wanted to find a niche product and just focus on selling that product, that is how I came up with

Throughout the initial twelve months of business, RealisticDildos started growing faster than had been originally anticipated resulting in countless calls for other sex toys which prompted the business decision to add all sex toys to their already extensive high quality range of dildos.

I've met a lot of awesome people in the adult industry and it is certainly not like any other industry I've worked in, you have genuine people and even competitors willing to help!

The Adult Industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world growing faster than any other industry including the Hospitality and Commercial Retail sector globally. In conversation with Michael. S. the founder of we also discovered he had an exciting career path very different to the adult sector; that also turned out successful and positively impacted the world.

...As a former US Marine Veteran and Airborne Paratrooper; I have experienced a lot in my life and felt great about giving back to the wider community. I also hold the World Series Poker Bracelet Winners title with multiple business in varied industries.

It looks as though success, passion and a little bit of lady luck with poker has seen Michael. S. go from strength to strength serving his country and his community in the Armed Forces protecting his fellow Americans; while also helping them enjoy intimacy and passion in the bedroom.

While the Adult Retail Sector is relatively new to Michael. S. and his exciting brand RealisticDildos he is learning very quickly that there is a huge range of sex toys out there for people with all desires, fantasies and fetishes. In conversation with Michael; he noted that "the most challenging part of the adult toy industry is understanding the thousands of different sex toys in the market".

...There are sex toys that I did not know even existed!

At customer service is paramount and Michael. S. shared with us that the only way he sees that business can be successful and customers can truly experience the best pleasure through his extensive range of sex toys; is if he understands how each toy works and brings joy.

The pandemic COVID-19 has disrupted the world, every industry and every community in every country so we wanted to know how exactly this pandemic has impacted the adult retail sector and specifically Michael's business.

...Covid has affected my other businesses which gives me more opportunity to work on my website, SEO, Blogs.... and more. 2020 has been a crazy year and anyone currently struggling, I believe the adult industry is one that will always survive.

It is inspiring to learn that in the face of disaster, businesses and people within the Adult Industry continue to adapt and learn how to grow their businesses; driven by their passion to help others enjoy the best pleasures possible in life.

At Sweet Release Agency we work with 318 adult retailers in 50 countries on their SEO, Digital Marketing, Publicity, Social Media Marketing and Advertising.

It is inspiring to learn that in the face of disaster, Adult Entertainers and Adult Businesses just like Michael. S. of continue to adapt and learn how to grow their businesses; driven by their passion to help others enjoy the best pleasures possible in life.

The Adult Entertainment Business Industry continues to be misrepresented in the mainstream press and subject to ridicule through the ignorance or perceived ideas of the wider community who do not necessary identify with the adult industry. We asked Michael what his response is to this issue in the Adult Industry and he said...

...I think there will always be someone that is not on board with the adult industry. Which is funny, because we all want sex and we all love sex. As years go by, we have come to be more acceptable and open to the adult industry. For the ones against the adult industry, let me send them a gift, sex toy to change their mind.

While maintaining a successful business or career in the Adult Entertainment Business Industry is challenging it is also incredibly exciting and rewarding so we are always excited to hear of the highlights of an adult entertainer or businesses career in the industry. There are funny moments, exciting moments and depressing moments in every industry - but here are some of the highlights that MIchael. S. shared with us from

So one of my first calls after opening was a elderly lady, she wanted pricing for a Realistic Cock. After further into the call, I realized the lady was searching for REALISTIC cock by the hour. She laughed and thought she was calling a male escort place. Yeah... that was fun! is an exciting new online sex toy store that is already gaining traction which continues to partner with distributors around the world, with currently two distributors actively supporting their business and extensive range of adult pleasure products. This means more brands, more toys and competitive pricing to pass along to customers worldwide.


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