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Sweet Release Agency Clarifies Non-Affiliation with SEXPO Australia and "Sexpo X Awards" Program

Sexpo X Awards

Sydney, 20 June 2024 – Sweet Release Agency, a leading figure in marketing and public relations within the adult industry, wishes to clarify that it is not associated with SEXPO Australia's newly developed "Sexpo X Awards" program.

"We want to emphasize that our previous 'X Awards' initiative, which positively impacted numerous adult industry professionals, should not be confused with the recent developments by SEXPO Australia," said Jett Black, CEO and Founder of Sweet Release Agency. "As we continue to focus on fostering sustainable growth and innovation across the industry, we remain committed to supporting the diverse needs of our clients and partners."

This announcement is intended to distinguish Sweet Release Agency's former "X Awards" program, which actively supported thousands of adult businesses and entertainers worldwide from 2018 to 2021. The program, sponsored internationally and presented by Sweet Release Agency, was regrettably discontinued in 2021 as part of the agency's strategic shift towards sustainable industry-wide initiatives.



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