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Music can really get you in the mood to be good, cheeky or naughty in the bedroom. We can even relive memorable sexual adventures and encounters when we close our eyes to some sexy tracks.

Here's our pick of our favourite Top 10 Sexy Songs to get you toe curling, lip biting and goose bump ridden whenever you want to be swept away in a moment of ecstasy.

1. S.E.X - Madonna

Characterised by a mechanised, stock mod-pop beat, "S.E.X." is a song that straddles a delicate line between articulating the intensity of its namesake and reading like weird fan-fiction. "Wanna put my hands around your neck/Gonna take you to a place that you will not forget" is the Pop Empress at her most subtly sensual. And then lines like, "Oh my God, let me clean your wound/I can be your nurse" make it pretty clear why this was a B-side.

2. Close Up - Peaches FT Kim Gordon (2015)

Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth’s breathy, spoken word vocals cut with the strong, hectic lyrics of Peaches, a 47 year old female musical boss, make this song a future feminist classic. Lyrics like “Diminish the pillage, a privilege to visit my village, are you finished? Saw shrinkage, your seeds aren’t coins in my mintage.”

3. Work It - Missy Elliot (2002)

With lyrics like, “I’d like to get to know ya so I could show ya, put the pussy on ya like I told ya,” and, “Your girlfriend want to be me never, go downtown and eat it like a vulture,” it’s an infectious dance floor classic that gives new meaning to the phrase ‘dancing is the vertical expression of a horizontal desire’.

4. Sexual Healing - Marvin Gaye (1982)

Slow, sweet and funky, Sexual Healing remains a timeless, old school classic to this day. Listening to it now, it seems quite tame compared to the explicit content you can hear these days. That’s it’s charm. Still, with verses such as, “Come take control, just grab a hold, Of my body and mind, soon we’ll be making it honey, I’ll be feeling fine, You’re my medicine, open up and let me in, Darling, you’re so great, I can’t wait for you to operate,” this tune that will make you want some sexy time.

5. Close - Nick Jonas FT Tove Lo (1982)

This song isn’t even about sex but the breathy way that Nick Jonas and Tove Lo sing it, you’d think that was exactly what they were talking about.

6. Retrograde - James Blake (1982)

We really, really wanted there to be something on James Blake’s new album that we could add to this list, but unfortunately there just wasn’t anything as sexy as his classic “Retrograde” so we’re adding it anyway.

7. Daddy Issues - The Neighbourhood (1982)

Sure, the title (and admittedly some of the lyrics) might not scream “sexy,” but the beats behind this track and its slow, melodic lyrics make it perfect for a lazy “stay-in-bed-all-day” session with your man.

8. Freak - Lana Del Rey (1982)

If you like to channel 50 Shades Of Grey during your nookie sessions than there is nobody better to listen to than Lana Del Ray. Her new album Honeymoon is full of sexy songs but “Freak” definitely tops the list.

9. Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande (1982)

If the lyrics to this song don’t make you want to get all Fifty Shades up in there with your man, we don’t know what possibly could.

10. All Night - Beyonce (1982)

Just one of the surefire hits from Beyonce’s new album Lemonade, “All Night” details what Queen Bey herself plans to do to her man when she gets him alone. What she plans to do, ahem, all night… (track gets going around 3:09).


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