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URGENT: Tumblr Will Ban Adult Content On December 17th

It's not all doom and gloom for the Adult Performers, Budding Porn Stars and those who are Elite Escorts using TUMBLR to showcase their beautiful bodies and romps in the sack, TUMBLR claims that "Existing Posts containing 'porn content' will be switched to Private Mode'.

TUMBLR will permanently ban Adult Content from it's platform on December 17th in a move that will eradicate porn-related communities on the platform and fundamentally alter how the service is used moving forward.

“Adult content will no longer be allowed here” - Tumblr

This ban will include the following:

  • Explicitly Sexual Content

  • Nudity with a few expectations

  • photos

  • videos

  • GIF's of human genitalia

  • female-presenting nipples

  • illustrations of sexual intercourse

  • media involving sex acts

The new policy’s announcement comes just days after Tumblr was removed from the Apple's iOS App Store over a child pornography incident, but it extends far beyond that matter alone.

Exceptions to the Adult Content rules being rolled out include:

  • Nude Classical Statues

  • Political Protects that feature nudity

  • Text - so that means Erotica remains permitted

  • Illustrations and art that features nudity (are almost okay)

  • Breast feeding

  • After-Birth photographs are okay too

Any explicit posts will be flagged and deleted by algorithms. For now, Tumblr is emailing users who have posted adult content flagged by algorithms and notifying them that their content will soon be hidden from view. Posts with porn content will be set to private, which will prevent them from being reblogged or shared elsewhere in the Tumblr community.

Users have a chance to appeal Tumblr’s decision in situations where they think there’s been a mistake, and the platform admits there’s a chance that the automated tools it’s using could make errors. It’s a process that could take a while, as a bulk of Tumblr posts feature explicit content. Users who run adult blogs can also Export Their Content before the change takes place in order to save what they have.

Since Tumblr was founded in 2007, it has largely turned a blind eye to adult content. The company has tried to shield it from public view through Safe Mode and stringent search filters.

But in recent months — and under the ownership of Verizon’s Oath unit — it began to consider removing content more aggressively. “We’ve given serious thought to who we want to be to our community moving forward,” CEO Jeff D’Onofrio says in a blog post. “We’ve realized that in order to continue to fulfill our promise and place in culture, especially as it evolves, we must change.” D’Onofrio says Tumblr weighed the pros and cons thoroughly before making its decision. It also decided not to remove explicit accounts because it wanted to give these accounts a chance to post appropriate content instead.

At Sweet Release Agency we specialise in Social Media Marketing for Adult Performers and Adult Entertainers including Escorts, Strippers and Porn Stars (experienced or amateur). We are happy to assist any Adult Performer affected by the new Tumblr Ruling that will soon impact a lot of Adult Entertainers who rely on platforms like Tumblr for their Content Marketing efforts, Product and Service Offerings; with Social Media Marketing Packages and Personalised Website Design. ~ Jett Black, CEO



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