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Who Is Jett Black? Meet The CEO of Sweet Release Agency.

Jett Black, CEO and Founder of Sweet Release Agency

A lot of people don't really know me.

Many people claim that they do, but they don't.

“He says he’s an escort but is he really?”

“We can’t find him on RentMen or RentBoyAustralia…”

If you thought I was just a marketer who is passionate about the adult industry, that is 75% the way there. The truth is that I have been a peer of the Adult Industry for over 10 years and counting. I first entered the adult industry ten years ago, having met lots of escorts, drag queens, drug dealers, night club managers and transgender people – having a lot of fun along the way but always asking myself…

Who Am I?

Where Do I Fit In The World?

So I became a chameleon, topping from the bottom.

(if you want to know what this means send me an email:

The name I still use today is Jett Black, the name that originated from being known as the “dark horse” in the adult industry with dar k hair and being sleek and slender like a cat!

I knew I loved sex.

When I say I loved sex – I mean it.

Jett Black, Original Escort Photograph From 2010

...Once I Pop'd I Could Not Stop!

I explored my sexuality through the eyes of wealthy men who were lawyers, doctors, corporate professionals which opened my social circle to group sex parties and events around Sydney that I had never ever dreamt of or dared to consider exploring.

I became a chameleon through my sexual desires and fantasies, I opened my mind and never judged people for their sexual pleasures and so I delved into Leather and BDSM. Group Sex of ten sometimes thirty of more people – resulting in what some say is a very different way of building my career as a sex worker and a brand that is known as Jett Black today.

Daliah Amor (Ambassador), Jett Black (CEO of Sweet Release), Jane Untamed (Ambassador)

The Adult Industry opened up to me through my passion for wanting to try something at least once, because I wanted to explore everything I could while my hormones were crazy!

The money I made throughout my career working 3-4 nights per week, going to the same guys home’s time and time again, meeting their friends and their networks; as the young gay boy who enjoyed being the desired one in a sea of men… sometimes seamen!

Sound crazy?

Nobody ever intends their adult career to go a certain way, it is all about how open minded you are to explore the world of sex and understanding yourself. I found who I am and have come to understand who I am as a person, through my career in the adult industry.

I honestly believe that the Adult Industry, all sectors – Escorts, Adult Media, Adult Venues and Adult Entertainment Businesses is to fulfil a greater purpose for people because they are feeling lonely, or they want to explore and grow into a stronger understanding of who they are.

Obviously, alongside my Adult Industry Career – I have been working in the profession of Digital Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations.

Along my journey working for boutique Marketing and Advertising agencies I have had the pleasure of working with large ASX Listed Brands, Fashion Companies, Entertainment Agencies, Universities and Government Organisation building their presence, designing their media and writing their stories to help them grow and connect with the world around them.

Throughout my career, I noticed that many Adult Businesses and Adult Entertainers had been struggling with their marketing and advertising so I asked the questions…

Have You Ever Asked An Agency For Help?

How Can I Help you?

I was surprised to learn having asked many escorts, adult business owners and adult retailers just in Sydney Australia that they had been rejected by mainstream agencies out of fear that if they helped these adult businesses and adult entertainers they would lose their mainstream clients (Restaurants, Cafes and Cosmetic Brands). I was horrified and did my research…

  • I contacted mainstream agencies.

  • I contacted marketing and advertising professionals.

  • I spoke with mainstream media.

  • I asked them all – would you help an Adult Industry business with their marketing?

97% of the businesses I contacted said they would not help an adult business or an adult entertainer because they did not understand the industry and that they were fearful they would lose their larger clients who would feel uncomfortable.


So… I started freelancing with my marketing and advertising expertise helping Adult Businesses and Adult Entertainers tidy their brands, build their websites, curate photo shoots, design their products and packaging, coach them through starting their online businesses as well as writing their advertisements and creating their marketing materials.

I felt so comfortable with the industry and marketing and advertising products and services of the Adult Businesses and Adult Entertainers, I launched Sweet Release Agency in 2018.

Today, while I have slowed down my escorting career as I am currently seeing someone (and if that changes I will update this biography); I have founded a company that respects the Adult Industry globally – partnering with all areas of the Adult Industry to help them with their digital advertising, marketing, publicity and brands.

The future of the Adult Industry begins with Sweet Release Agency for many Adult Businesses and Adult Entertainers Around The World - Over 2,450 to be exact!

Sweet Release has become a family owned and operated Adult Industry Marketing and Public Relations Agency with a global network, now (2020) with over 2,450 clients around the world who trust us to help them build their empires and shape their futures in the largest global industry.

Our global team of experts are experienced in Adult Industry projects for a diverse array of clients and can help you with:

  • Website Design

  • Branding

  • Digital Advertising

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Adult Search Engine Optimisation

  • Adult Industry Public Relations

  • Event Management

  • Recruitment

  • Consultancy

  • Business Development

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Full Service Marketing Management


Need help with your Adult Business or Adult Entertainment Career? Contact my team:


In 2019, I founded X Awards Australia to celebrate and recognise the achievements of Australian Adult Businesses and Adult Entertainers - it was a success!

X AWARDS™ is redefining the Australian Adult Industry, with an awards program that welcomes all sectors of the Adult Industry from Businesses to Entertainers.

X Awards is an annual awards program inviting Adult Businesses and Adult Entertainers to self-nominate as well as encourages people who engage in Adult Services and are Adult Industry enthusiasts to vote.

Sponsors reward winners of each Awards Categories with varying prizes including products and services, media and publicity to support each winner with their Adult Industry career and increase global exposure.

The X Awards culminates in what has become nationally known as the best Adult Industry Networking event in Australia, the X Awards Night.


Want to get involved in the X Awards? Visit the website




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