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Sweet Exposé: The Seduction Room

The Seduction Room is an Australian online adult novelty store, based in Melbourne. Owned and run by a husband & wife duo, they believe in sexual wellness for everyone & supply products to cater to their customers needs.

8 months ago; the dynamic married-couple duo behind The Seduction Room launched their online adult retail store and having built some incredible relationships within the adult industry already, they were even lucky enough to score Tash Herz from MAFS who has appeared on social media wearing their PVC Mini Dress and rocking it like a "Fucking Boss" if we dare say ourselves.

Tash Herz, Married At First Sight

...We listen to feedback and make changes to benefit our customers they are the heart of the business and we love being able to interact with them and guide them towards some of the best products for "newbies", running sales competitions and introducing our hottest products.

During the COVID-19 pandemic The Seduction Room has run paid collaborations with local and national sex workers, strippers, photographers and sex bloggers, to help promote their business and maintain some financial stability during what has been an incredibly difficult time for all, especially the adult industry in Australia.

...Who would’ve thought that a global pandemic would come about the year we establish a online business! Bringing a whole set of unaccounted for challenges with it. We have remained engaged with our customers’ needs via our social media and have been able to thrive throughout these difficult times.

Like every adult business in Australia, The Seduction Room has faced some challenges during the global pandemic. In order to best serve their customers they have introduced Free Postage for Subscribers, which has proven to be the most helpful in boosting sales and expanding email deliver-ability to promote products and services.

At Sweet Release we always highly recommend keeping up a regular posting schedule of interesting and exciting content on social media to boost sales and encourage subscribers and The Seduction Room has been lucky enough to build a loyal and interactive following.

...We personally read and respond to every email, Facebook & Instagram posts and comments. You will always speak directly to us. We care about your wants and needs and always find a solution to any issues. Our customer service is top notch and strive to offer the best adult products in Australia.

The Seduction Room encourage the exploration of your body with solo play & solo pleasure, with discreet toys for men, women and couples. You’ll also find a large range of other sex toys ranging from vibrators, butt plugs, nipple clamps, dildos and dongs, stimulators and a huge collection of sexy lingerie and costumes for everyone; including plus size.

At Sweet Release Agency we work with 318 adult retailers in 50 countries on their SEO, Digital Marketing, Publicity, Social Media Marketing and Advertising.

It is inspiring to learn that in the face of disaster, Adult Entertainers and Adult Businesses just like continue to adapt and learn how to grow their businesses; driven by their passion to help others enjoy the best pleasures possible in life.

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